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Hello again all,

We're happy to say that this weekend's update will contain a bunch of changes that we feel will significantly improve the gameplay feel for ESU & PD, as well as a few additional features for civilians/gangs.

This weekend you can expect:
  • PD & ESU car fixes (sirens/lightbars)
  • ESU will be able to impound vehicles
  • ESU will have the same barrier system as police
  • Paychecks for police & ESU have increased
  • Bounty payouts for arresting a wanted player have been increased
  • Tear gas will return, but is nerfed & gas mask prices decreased (was $150k)
  • HUD in the top right showing weapon information
  • Increased XP gained per 10 minutes for playing from 3 to 10xp (will be 20xp with double XP period)
  • Introduction of civilian jobs (taxi, etc).
  • The Duck gang added
  • Sunday and Monday will be double XP periods - use your XP to spend on perks (use Shift+T)
We also have a large update coming in the upcoming weeks, which will include map changes!

More to come...
We have some exciting news!

Since our last announcement which contained some proposed changes, we've received some great feedback as well as suggestions, and in turn, we have acted on them.

Additionally, we would like to apologize to the community for getting some things wrong and hope this rectifies a few prominent issues. A few of our assumptions were incorrect, and we'd like to think we now understand what the community would like - all suggestions and bugs will be looked at and seen to.

To help start things off:
Coming this Sunday, 4th February 3PM UK time (now released) are the changes we promised, including:
  • Official gang bases & shops changed
  • Illegal Money Printing Workshop added, cannot be done unless your gang owns at least 2 drug areas, police cannot see the map marker, encourages enemy gangs to battle for it
  • Grade III vests cannot be bought unless your gang owns at least 1 drug area
  • Pirate Imported Weapons shop cannot be accessed unless your gang owns at least 1 drug area
  • Rifle prices increased
  • More submachine guns & pistols in all civilian shops
  • Removed HK417 from Blacksmith
  • Clarified traffic stop rule
  • Fixed firetruck
  • Two paid British police cars added, see info here
  • Drug area capture time decreased (takes 4 minutes now)
  • Notification is sent to all civilians when a gang is trying to steal another gang's drug area
  • New IRA official gang base & shops
  • More legal civilian money making jobs coming soon (development starting tonight (Saturday))

There will be a mod pack update released late tonight, in preparation for our update release on Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Development on changes has begun.

Hi again,

Since recent complaints, we have worked on drafting a few ways of resolving issues mentioned on the server.

Please see our following proposal, and comment your opinion if you see an issue, or just simply like the post if you agree with it all.

Let us know.
Hello again everybody,

In the last week or so we've been focussing on what we can do to help improve some gameplay aspects on the server.

The first being official gangs, and the bases they receive upon gaining official status. We ran a poll to see how our players would like to see them implemented, and have decided to run with a new system:
  • Gangs that become official will be offered a choice of 3/4 pre-made gang bases
  • Small adjustments may be made for a unique touch but must stick within guidelines set by us
  • Will also contain 2 houses for storage
  • In general, gang bases will consist of: 1 or 2 buildings, small walls, few defenses/barricades and only one or two small vantage points
We plan on implementing these changes before the weekend.

British Police Cars
In response to having our Bohemia monetization application accepted, we'll be adding purchasble in-game cosmetics features, including the return of our clothing kits.

However, to kick it off, Alsing has worked hard on making us a couple of British police car skins, which will be implemented Friday 2nd February, and can be pre-ordered from today! Take a look here.


New Recruitment Process
Secondly, as some of you may have noticed already, we have changed our AR Member recruitment process, making it much faster and easier. Our application for AR Member no longer includes written wordy answers, and comprise only of multiple choice questions. Most of our players are eligible for AR Member, which can be applied for...