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Arma Roleplay closed 5th June 2018

You may access your old messages.

Our TeamSpeak is still up, message Ellis here to get the IP.


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Dear members,

Today I write this announcement with a saddened, but enthusiastic heart.

Arma Roleplay formed out of the remains passed on by ReleaseTheKraken in 2016, and with this we continued to run our successful Arma 2 server for another year. Since the huge drops in Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead's player count, we came to the conclusion that we had no other choice other than to move to Arma 3.

However, our time as Arma Roleplay has come to an end and we've set a date for our official closure - Tuesday 5th June 2018. In the meantime, you're welcome to save any forum messages, posts, threads or other content. On this date, our Arma Roleplay forums and website will officially close.

What about TeamSpeak?
We're going to close Arma Roleplay's TeamSpeak, forums, servers and website. However... there will always be a place to be...

Our New Project

We're closing the book on Arma Roleplay, however, myself and Hillman will be launching a new project.

Our project will not focus on Arma 3, but will include it. We will be expanding on a larger scale and into more and different games.

We can happily say that all but a couple staff members will be joining us on this new journey, and we hope you will too.

As soon as we close our current TeamSpeak (on June 5th), we will open our new TeamSpeak straight away.
This is the only thing that will be public for now.

You can keep a track of our new project here:

(domain & name is temporary)
We will be updating the above website often, with an announcement section upcoming.

Thank you for everything, we hoped you had some fun moments here.

We'd love to see you on our new project, but for now, this is the end of the long line for Arma Roleplay.

Yours sincerely,
Ellis & Hillman

The new TeamSpeak...
As promised, the update in relation to our previous announcement is now released.

Police Changes
All officers should read this for more information in regards to the changes that affect them:

Other Changes
A changelog with all changes will soon be released, but most changes have already been mentioned.
The update also includes changes to the Tier 3 weapon shop in gang bases

Event Tonight
The event will commence tonight sometime between 6-9PM UK time, the more people that attend, the better the event.

If we see that this update has not been beneficial, we will again arrange another community meeting fairly soon and discuss other issues.
Hello again everyone,

We're very happy to say that thanks to the feedback provided in the community meeting, we will be implementing an update on Thursday (29th March).

The update will cover a range of complaints that were brought to the surface, including:
  • Laxing the police SOPs & initiation rules to allow for earlier action by the police
  • Scripting it so only EMS can revive someone, providing an EMS member is online
  • A medical system for EMS (we're working hard on this to have this done in time, we'll provide more info on Thursday
  • Game-changing adjustments to police and SWAT gear/weaponry (incl. scopes and other attachments), overall making them more powerful
  • Civilian weaponry changes
  • Oh and we'll be running an event on Thursday night... (win in-game/out of game prizes)

We're turning our focus towards increasing the roleplay and making the gunfights that do happen, more enjoyable for everyone.

We're confident this update will please many.

We hope to see you there!
Hi all,

This weekend we wish to invite everyone to join us in a discussion regarding the server and its gameplay aspects.

The meeting will address some gameplay issues, concerns and suggestions. We appreciate everyone that joins and look forward to seeing you there.

The meeting will commence Sunday 25th March evening, around 7PM UK time.

Arma Roleplay Team