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Unfortunately, due to a glitch amongst our database & scripting system, which we're currently investigating, we've had to rollback stats by a day.

Our Administrators have been authorized to compensate anyone who has lost their money, gear or vehicles in the day and a half. Please report to "Requesting Compensation" for compensation of any amount.

From now, all database backups are taken every 5 mins - so should an issue arise, you won't lose much.
Hello again!

Since I last posted an announcement, a lot has happened for sure...

We've successfully launched our new server and held a fairly consistent player count. We've fixed bugs, changed gameplay and adjusted prices to make sure the server is running well and that the experience is fun.

You might see us often posting changelogs on our server whilst we continue to tweak it and release more updates, which can be seen here. Additionally, if you find any server bugs or require compensation of any sort, please either post a bug report here or fill out this compensation form.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be continuing to update both the base map (custom version of Elaine), add new visual changes and increase the performance of the server. This includes finishing off our new phone, adding jail activities and adding a few awesome map changes (soon to be announced).

For example, jail activities will consist of jobs for guards to issue to the convicts in order for them to make some money, as well as the possibility of breaking out of prison from within. Moreover, additional planned content changes will be announced over the next few days.

It's a very simple competition... but an easy way to get yourself $50 and a prestigious position in our community!

If you figure out what 'Project ***' is (mentioned in our trailer), and guess correctly, you win $50 and are granted an Executive position in the project, whereby you can help us complete and launch it.

Guess what it is by filling in this form......
Hello again everyone,

Usually updates like these are reserved only for Subscribers, but due to the nature of the progress report, I thought I'd make this public.

Our Support Team Member Samuel and others have worked tirelessly on the trailer we have prepared and readied, but we are waiting for a few things to sort before we release the trailer.

In the last few days or so, we have begun polishing the server over and making sure it is ready for release. However, in doing so we've hit a few hurdles. To be as honest and transparent as possible, this means the server will not technically be released in 2017, but it will be ready very soon.

We plan to have everything ironed out today and tomorrow, with the objective of a weekend trailer release. The trailer will contain a release date.

Kind regards,