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Hello everyone,

We're very happy to say we have now released Arma Roleplay v1.19, focussing mainly on the gameplay aspects for police.

This is part 1 of a series of police updates to come.

In this update you can expect to see:
  • Police merger (already carried out, Metro closed, State Patrol covers the county except DOC)
  • Badge system (use the 'K' key in-game, officers can show their badge to civilians, useful at DOC gate)
  • Added evidence bag (clears virtual items off the ground)
  • Improved police loadout (custom loadout system upcoming), default loadout also now includes virtual items such as red gull, bandages, etc.
  • Bail added to the Criminal Code, some crimes can avoid jail time by paying bail
  • Spontaneous court hearing in-game (if a Judge is online, a court case can happen there and then without an application)
  • Improved police radar and increased measuring distance
  • Police weaponry no longer drops on death
  • Weaponry change for SWAT
  • House cargo wiped and changes made to prevent civilians stockpiling police weaponry
  • Added Tier 3 Weapon shops for plots of land (gang bases), more shops including vehicle shops are to come
  • Increased gas station robbery "run away" distance
  • More police patrol points
  • Trash money making method at DOC for convicts
  • Increased required people online for money printer
  • Restricted some rifles at Miles' Rifle Store with an actual in-game "Semi-Heavy Arms License"

The update is now live.

More to come.

See you in-game!

We wish to inform everyone that we have a scheduled server maintenance beginning from 6AM Sunday, ending Midnight.

We do not plan to have a complete downtime during this period, but there is a slight possibility.

During this downtime, there will be important maintenance being carried out on our network infrastructure.

Service information:
TeamSpeak - ONLINE
Hello all,

This is just a small post to address today's issues as well as give an update on the promised upcoming police development changes.

We fully acknowledge that during tonight we faced some serious network issues that unfortunately led to the lengthy server & TeamSpeak downtime. We're working very hard on addressing the issues and you can use the homepage of this website to see if the TeamSpeak is back online.

In reference to the police changes, there's still plenty of time to post your recommendations for changes in the way the police role is scripted, which you can contribute to here.

We're taking note of suggestions that receive a positive response and are looking at releasing this update as soon as it is ready, without hesitation.

We appreciate everyone's patience whilst we work on fixing the previously mentioned issues, and will keep you updated on our upcoming additions

- Arma Roleplay Team
Good morning!

We're happy to announce the release of version 1.18, containing all features as explained in previous posts.

A few things to note:
  • We're experimenting with the gang fund economy, it may change.. a lot
  • Shops for gang bases are coming in tonight's update
  • We've capped base upgrades to 200 upgrades, just in case we got our economy calculations very wrong (no gang should be able to get 200 upgrades in 1 day)
  • The new rule: 11.0.8 - You may not split up your gang into other gangs as to own more than one piece of land (upgradable gang base).
The number of upgrades you can do per day, the number of gang funds you earn and the features you receive in your base are all experimental, and we hope to see some promising results in the next few days.

Stats have been wiped.

You need to update your mods to join.

See you in-game!