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Hello again everybody,

As promised, it's time for another update on the status of the community and server.

I hope that by the end of this update you'll have a rough idea as to when we plan on releasing our new server update, and what work we have left to do.

Map Changes
In the last update I wrote, I mentioned that Smurks, the creator of Elaine County, would be customizing his map for our purposes, and to make it resemble Emita County a bit more. Since then, we have communicated on several occasions and he now informs me the changes to the map are now complete, adding a civilian spawn, Emita castle, and other features. Smurks is on vacation right now so we're still to obtain the map, and once we do we can begin moving the current mission file to match the new map.

Content Changes
Over the last month we continued our development on server changes, both content and appearance wise. An example of this would be our new arresting menu interface, see them here:
We'll be changing the text to "Elaine".

In addition to this, as suggested on our previous server version, we have now implemented a basic version of the "Police Purchasable Loadout", where officers are given the option to buy the basic kit when they spawn, making it easier for them to obtain their loadout.

We also know why the HUD in the top right (weapon firing mode/current weapon/remaining mags) was not showing and this will be rectified in the next mod pack update (see below for more info).

Content for gameplay is currently being developed, and information on this can be seen by Subscribers during development, public information will be made available close to completion/release.

Punishment Guide, Rules & Balancing Issues
The system in the way we punish our rulebreakers has now been set up, and you can see...
Hello everyone!

I know it has been a while since we last formally addressed our community, but we felt we had to get a good plan in place and set the motions before speaking out. I hope that this announcement will give a good level of insight as to what we plan on doing, and we hope that you will follow us on this path.

New Website
So if you somehow haven't already noticed, we have now switched websites, which includes switching from IP Board to Xenforo (forum softwares) and relying on a different system to handle our donation system. The reason we did this was that although IP Board has a great many features, it lacks an area of social engagement, which we feel is vital for a community to thrive. We expect our new forum software will help us in many areas, all the way from heightened activity to staff management.

All users, threads, posts, settings, passwords and E-Mails before the 15th September have been securely transferred. Users registered after this date will need to re-register, threads made after this date will need to be transferred and passwords changed after this date will need re-changing on here (if you so wish).

Emita Map Changes

As many of you will know, a recently made Arma 3 map named Elaine County has been released, made by the talented developer Smurks. This map has earned its credit not only by its wonderful design but also because it resembles and was built from the idea of Emita. From now, we would like to officially state that we have made an agreement with Smurks and that we will be moving to a customised and exclusive version of the map, which will only be made available to Arma Roleplay; furthermore, our agreement consists of Smurks only working exclusively on this map for us. We will have the only version of Elaine County that has been personally customized.

The map...