Image Title Text
Smiling Face Smiling Face :) (: : - ) ( - : :-) :smile:
Grin Grin :D :grin:
Winking Face Winking Face ;) ;] :wink:
Crying Crying ;( ;[ :cry:
Thumbs up Thumbs up (y) :thumbsup:
Thunbs down Thunbs down (n) :thumbsdown:
Neutral face Neutral face :| :meh:
Flushed Face Flushed Face :shy:
Crossed fingers Crossed fingers :crossed:
Devil Face Devil Face >:) :devil:
Face with sunglasses Face with sunglasses :sunglasses:
Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy :joy:
Fear Fear :fear:
Heart Heart <3 :heart:
Hearts in eyes Hearts in eyes :hearteyes:
Kissing Face Kissing Face :kiss:
Sad face Sad face :( :[ :sad:
Santa Claus Santa Claus :santa:
Shocked Shocked :O :shocked:
Thinking face Thinking face :thinking:
Jack's Capri-Sun Jack's Capri-Sun :jackcaprisun:
Jack's Snake Jack's Snake :jacksnake:
Jack's Tendies Jack's Tendies :jacktendies:
new years 2018 new years 2018 newyear2018
Hey you guys meme Hey you guys meme Hey you guys
Roger's Alligator Roger's Alligator :rogeralligator:
Roger's Cheese Roger's Cheese :rogercheese:
Roger's Milk Roger's Milk :rogermilk:
Alsing's 4Head Alsing's 4Head :alsing4head:
Alsing's B Alsing's B :alsingb:
Alsing's Kappa Alsing's Kappa :alsingkappa:
Alsing's Pepe Alsing's Pepe :alsingpepe:
Alsing's Pog Champ Alsing's Pog Champ :alsingpogchamp:
Alsing's Vape Alsing's Vape :alsingvape: