28th December Progress Report

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    Hello again everyone,

    Usually updates like these are reserved only for Subscribers, but due to the nature of the progress report, I thought I'd make this public.

    Our Support Team Member Samuel and others have worked tirelessly on the trailer we have prepared and readied, but we are waiting for a few things to sort before we release the trailer.

    In the last few days or so, we have begun polishing the server over and making sure it is ready for release. However, in doing so we've hit a few hurdles. To be as honest and transparent as possible, this means the server will not technically be released in 2017, but it will be ready very soon.

    We plan to have everything ironed out today and tomorrow, with the objective of a weekend trailer release. The trailer will contain a release date.

    Kind regards,
  2. Didn't you say it would be released very soon, very soon ago?
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  3. No man, it's very soon now :alsingkappa::alsing4head:
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  4. What about now............................
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  5. lol true
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  6. Very Very soon now :D
  7. There's a difference bro don't you see? It's very soon :alsingkappa:

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