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  1. Any airsoft players on this community?

    I am one myself.
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  2. as you can possibly tell from my avatar I am an avid airsofter whats your loadout ??
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  3. Same Here!        Have 4 aeg rifles and a c2o pistol :)         playing a swedish loadout atm :)
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  4. I have a cheap well r20. I have a few high caps mags and a chest rig... along side eye protection obvs
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  5. I've got a manual pistol... It's broken and doesn't work  :P
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  6. make, model, brand, and fault with it I may be able to suggest a fix for it as I have found I'm quite handy at repairs
  7. I bought it from some street corner dealer, there might be weed stuck in the barrel..
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  8. Tried once got seriously injured nope nope nope 
  9. Seems like the usual place to them from
  10. I have a lancer tactical m4a1 dark earth and i also run a WA magna gbb. also have a generic m4 for cqb. 

    For wearing i run a ghille suit.

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  11. nice.
  12. you dont need to go expensive.
  13. perfect.  :D
  14. How serious like broken bones?
  15. Well that is a interesting way to hide drugs.
  16. I know I dont need to go crazy amounts, but it has feeding issues... and the front handguard is falling off. Other than that its ok
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  17. Well me and my coworkers like 4 of us went to try it for the first time, the company where we work invited us and they had a smart idea to build a field on the mountains, Atlas mountains in Morocco, north Africa, one little asshole shot me from a very close range i was on an edge i slid and broke several bones and my nose. It was like 3 years ago likely the company paid the hospital bills  xD
  18. is it a Gbb pistol, to sort out the feeding problems, gun lube (Silicon) the rail the internals literall anything that moves or slides the mag included the mag housing, the barrel, vigorously cock the weapon to allow the lube to affect the whole slide fill the mag up with green gas until full warm the mag up via holding for a time in your hands, then test your weapon should work a treat
  19. Owww 

  20. Instead of using standard green has I would buy a propane adapter and a little tube of oil you will save in the long run

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