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Current Status & Public Trello | Arma Roleplay

Current Status & Public Trello

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Aug 26, 2017.

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  1. Current Development Status & Trello

    Hello all,

    Over the last 2 and a half weeks, we have been hectically trying to push updates on a regular basis, issue fixes almost every day and at least one or two content releases a week.

    Content right now is okay, but it is about to be much better. We still have lots to do and are actively looking at suggestions for more ideas, you can see our development progress via our new public Trello board, here:

    This new public access Trello board will show all features & fixes that are planned for upcoming releases, apart from critical bugs/exploits. See your bugsuggestions get put on the board and see them released within a week or two.

    We still have a long road ahead but we're all still very energized. We are aware that summer holidays are coming to an end, and that recent events (such as UK GCSE results) have affected our player count, but nonetheless, we have successfully contacted a few content makers (Streamers/YouTubers) and some have agreed to come on.

    Right now, we're looking at around 10-15 newly registered members, and around 10 new players in-game every day, which is keeping a steady pace.

    Much is to come, much is to be expected.

    Keep up to date here.

    Kind regards,

    Arma Roleplay Team
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  2. Just a few questions in regards to the upcoming updates listed on the trello if possible can we have some more info on the following:

    1. Supervisor look over arrest - what will this entail ?, how will it work.
    2. Jail activities - what sort of activities can we expect to see ?, how will this effect the DOC staff ?.
    3. Any plans to be able to remove/add to evidence the drugs that are growing in gang areas after a raid has taken place ?

    sorry if I shouldn't have posted this here I was just interested.
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