Double XP Period & Upcoming Weekend Updates

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    Hello again all,

    We're happy to say that this weekend's update will contain a bunch of changes that we feel will significantly improve the gameplay feel for ESU & PD, as well as a few additional features for civilians/gangs.

    This weekend you can expect:
    • PD & ESU car fixes (sirens/lightbars)
    • ESU will be able to impound vehicles
    • ESU will have the same barrier system as police
    • Paychecks for police & ESU have increased
    • Bounty payouts for arresting a wanted player have been increased
    • Tear gas will return, but is nerfed & gas mask prices decreased (was $150k)
    • HUD in the top right showing weapon information
    • Increased XP gained per 10 minutes for playing from 3 to 10xp (will be 20xp with double XP period)
    • Introduction of civilian jobs (taxi, etc).
    • The Duck gang added
    • Sunday and Monday will be double XP periods - use your XP to spend on perks (use Shift+T)
    We also have a large update coming in the upcoming weeks, which will include map changes!

    More to come...
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  2. Thankyou ellis for finally bringing back the HUD i love you xoxox
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  3. We have decided to put the Cop Ammo Shop on hold.

    Its purpose will be reviewed again before we attempt to release it.
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