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Elaine County Changelog | Arma Roleplay

Elaine County Changelog

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. #1 Ellis, Jan 15, 2018
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    Updates to the server will be posted here.

    Thanks to:
    Arma Roleplay Development Team including...
    CMC Smith
    Patrick Pac
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    • Fixed the Exotic car shop
    • Fixed the Truck shop
    • Fixed the Chevy Dealer shop
    • Fixed the State Command vehicle shop
    • Fixed the CID/Detective vehicle shop
    • Moved the bank
    • Moved the Courthouse
    • Added Tony's (very expensive) Clothing Store
    • Decreased Rebel & Imported Guns prices slightly
    • Added Press Vest (grade II armor) in Rebel/Black Market Clothing for $50,000
    • Started the introduction of jail activities (coming soon)
    Although the vehicle shops were working, we had a few bugs with the class names in the vehicle shop - they should all be completely working now.
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  3. Version 1.5:
    • Moved Secret Service base
    • Removed the AWPs that weren't accepting the ammo in the shop
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  4. Version 1.6:
    • Added Elaine County Recovery offices & lot
    • Added Elaine News Network offices & studio
    • Added LUXOR TAXICAB, EC offices & garage
    • Fixed the issue of virtual inventory not clearing on death (now also resets to 24 capacity)
    • Changed Secret Service vehicles
    • Changed how punching people deals damage (usually won't now)
    • Moved heroin processor
    • Moved Gov Mansion
    • Removed useless trees on DOC road
    • Removed lots of clutter & random items (-100KB)
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  5. Version 1.7/1.8:
    • Fixed airfield car garage spawn
    • Fixed dropping items on death
    • Moved armored vests to the rebel shop instead of the rebel clothing shop (workaround for a dupe bug, requires you to buy a backpack first though)
    • Decreased price of civilian/rebel grade III armor slightly
    • Reduced profit made by illegal money making methods by 20%, and meth by 33%
    • Increased how much XP is gained for most methods of gaining XP
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    Version 1.9:
    • Removed names, replaced with Steam UIDs
    • Added a "Thieves Retreat" area
    • Added grade II armored helmet to the Blacksmith
    • Exotic car shop has had some price changes
    • Removed ammo to SWAT shield, is now only to be used as a shield
    • Removed Dodge Ram Truck (for now), replaced with F350 as primary go-to truck
    • Added a contraband dealer in the DOC (was requested in the community meeting and the majority wanted it, is very expensive and has no ATM - requires the convicts to somehow obtain money)
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  7. Version 1.10:
    • Added Armone Family gang base (now an official Mafia gang)
    • Added Motorbike shop (more bikes to come)
    • Added another Market in the South of the map, as well as a few ATMs
    • Added SWAT armored vehicle (bearcat equivalent)
    • Default vests of PD changed to Grade II armor, better-looking vests coming soon
    • Removed drug area capture messages
    • Removed ATM from Rebel, you should now use the other ATMs in the South
    The jail currently has a script that we're still working on, please ignore any scroll wheel actions in the prison cells/general population area.

    Lots more to come in the next few upcoming updates!
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  8. Version 1.11:
    • Fixed DOC (general population not working)
    • Made Changes to LUXOR TAXICAB Base
    • Moved Motorbike Shop
    • Minor Map Changes

    We're currently working on addressing the server gameplay issues, and will be implementing changes very soon.
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  9. Items written in blue were not mentioned in my previous posts.

    Version 1.12/1.13:

    • Diving shop added
    • Rebel re-made
    • Illegal pistols re-made
    • Most police patrol missions moved
    • Most billboards no longer take damage
    • Stretcher that was causing crashing issues removed
    • IRA Military Held Base tents no longer take damage
    • Illegal Money Printing Workshop added, cannot be done unless your gang owns at least 2 drug areas, police cannot see the map marker, encourages enemy gangs to battle for it
    • Grade III vests cannot be bought unless your gang owns at least 1 drug area
    • Pirate Imported Weapons shop cannot be accessed unless your gang owns at least 1 drug area
    • Rifle prices increased
    • More submachine guns & pistols in all civilian shops
    • Removed HK417 from Blacksmith
    • Fixed firetruck
    • British police cars added (purchasable here:
    • Drug area capture time decreased (takes 4 minutes now)
    • Notification is sent to all civilians when a gang is trying to steal another gang's drug area
    • Added IRA official gang
    • Armone base replaced and moved
    • Official gang weaponry adjusted
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  10. Version 1.14:
    • Added planes! (just a few for now)
    • Added white smoke to SWAT & some Command members (not tear gas)
    • Added a SWAT Charger
    • Re-added the working Suburbans
    • Fixed Elaine City fire station
    • Official gang shop adjustments
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  11. Version 1.15:
    • Illegal cop car mechanic now fully configured (info below)
    • Adjusted cop:civ ratio

    Illegal Cop Car Mechanic - How it works:
    • Steal any police charger
    • Buy either a civilian version of a Suburban, Taurus or Crown Vic from their respective car shop
    • Deliver them to the illegal cop car mechanic
    • Have the mechanic change your police charger into the police version of either the Suburban, Taurus or Crown Vic
    You are given keys to the vehicle and it is in your name, meaning it can be saved to your garage.
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  12. Items written in blue were not mentioned in my previous posts.

    Version 1.16:
    • PD & ESU car fixes (sirens/lightbars)
    • ESU can now impound vehicles
    • ESU now have the same barrier system as police
    • Paychecks for police & ESU have increased
    • Bounty payouts for arresting a wanted player have been increased
    • Tear gas added back but is nerfed & gas mask prices decreased (was $150k)
    • HUD in the top right showing weapon information
    • Increased XP gained per 10 minutes for playing from 3 to 10xp (will be 20xp with double XP period)
    • Taxi civilian job added
    • Gang members now earn higher paychecks the more drug areas they own
    • Governor mansion moved
    • Uranium moved
    • Added more ESU clothing
    • The Duck gang added
    We have two large planned updates for the upcoming weeks, more information to come soon.

    Sunday 11th & Monday 12th of February are double XP periods - use your XP to spend on perks!
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  13. Version 1.17:
    • Fixed SIS shops
    • Added a couple more ATMs
    • Increased gas mask price

    Upcoming updates and their contents will soon be announced.
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  14. Version 1.18/1.18.1:
    • Added buyable plots of lands for gangs
    • Added DOC island and changed DOC
    • Added alert to homeowners when their house is being broken in to
    • Added Steam integration (requires your Steam to be connected to your website account to join the server)
    • Vehicles now return to your garage after a restart (unless it exploded/died)
    • Increased time it takes to break into someone's house
    • Increased vote day/night cooldown from 10 to 20 minutes
    • Increased illegal cop car mechanic price significantly
    • Reduced XP given for processing
    • Removed official gang bases & spawn points
    • Fixed not being able to enter some houses once broken in
    • Fixed XP farming glitch with houses
    • Fixed knocking someone out whilst knocked out
    • Fixed gangs glitching (being in multiple gangs at once)
    • Fixing diving shop (you can now buy the diving license)
    Version 1.18.2:
    • Fixed a few gang fund bugs
    • Fixed some floating items in gang bases
    • Fixed object damage in gang bases
    • Added gang base weapon shops (tier 1 - tier 2 & 3 coming this week), takes quite a few upgrades
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    Version 1.18.3/1.18.4:
    • Added IRA clothing shop
    • Disabled damage on DOC bargate
    • Made preparations for upcoming police update
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