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Emita Development Update | Arma Roleplay

Emita Development Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. #1 Ellis, Aug 3, 2017
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    Emita Development Progress

    Hello again everyone!

    As promised last Monday, here is our post on Emita's current development state, along with some information on when we plan on releasing the mods & the actual map.

    If you aren't up to date, here's the update:

    • We're leaving the Lakeside Valley map in order to return to our old Arma 2 map, Emita.
    • The server will still be on Arma 3, as we have ported Emita onto Arma 3.
    • The ruleset will change slightly, and we still aim to have roleplay on the server - the gamemode will not be roleplay-less.
    • See a sneak peek in our recently released trailer:

    We've come a long way since we first announced our upcoming changes, and are proud to say that it looks like we're still on track for the original release date stated, that being this Saturday, the 5th of August. However, this is not a confirmed date and one will be announced Friday 4th August.

    In terms of development, we have quite a lot more to go but are still pleased to say that we're not behind schedule, and have around 4 active developers working on the current map change.

    When is the map releasing?

    As stated above, we will provide an official release date Friday 4th of August, but are currently on schedule to release on Saturday 5th.

    So what the about the mods?

    Over the last week, we've been going through all of ArmaRoleplay's mod pack and have been able to reduce it by 5GB. But...and this is quite a big 'but', because Emita is an Arma 2 map, we have been required to include many of Arma 2's files in our mod pack, extending the mod pack by a further 8GB. The current mod pack size is around 20GB, but we estimate that we can get this down to around 15GB in the next 2 weeks, once we get a feel as to which Arma 2 addon files are not required. We understand this is quite a lot to ask of someone to download, but we hope it'll be worth it!

    The mods are being uploaded to our server as we speak, and so we plan on releasing the mods tomorrow (3rd August). Mods will be available via a direct download link, or by Arma3Sync.

    What content/features will the server have?

    Thanks to CMC Smith's hours of hair tearing work, we have successfully ported our Lakeside mission file and so have most of our old content. In addition to that, more features are being worked on to ensure the best possible experience, and to provide a wide range of things to do. Here are a few things that we've added/are working on:

    • Police Computer System (ZKB)
    • Safehouse Missions (Smith)
    • Being Wanted Will Save Over Restart (ZKB)
    • New Interaction Menu
    • New HUD
    • New textures for Police and EMS vehicles to suit Emita (Alsing)

    Development Team

    As some of you may or may not have noticed, our developer Mark has recently retired from his position as Head of Development, due to real life conflicts filling up his timetable. He's done a great deal for us in the past and so I'm sure he'll be appreciative of any gratitude.

    We're still very excited for this change and are happy to say that we truly believe Emita will be the perfect map to move to. We'll keep you updated, and you can expect to hear a release date this Friday (August 4th).

    Kind regards,

    Arma Roleplay Team



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    Our new mods have been released!

    We already reduced our mod pack size by 40%, but we plan on reducing it further within the next 2 weeks.

    Download Our Mods Today and Join the Fun


    When downloading you need both @ArmARoleplay and @ArmARoleplayEmita in order to join the server on release.
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  3. Release Date:

    6PM UK Time Sunday 6th August.
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    Release Delay

    Hi everyone,

    Just for those that were unable to attend the original release date; we have decided that the server is in a state that requires a delay in the release. 99% of the server is complete, but unfortunately, the remaining 1% of issues are critical and game breaking.

    We're very sorry about this and know that it is disappointing, but would like to remind people that once the server is released, issues will be minimal.

    Additionally, we'd like to reassure people that new content is still being created, as we have 2 developers currently working. One working on issues, and the other working on content.

    Deciding to delay was a hard decision and was truly a last second decision, as sometimes developing in Arma presents spontaneous issues. But...we're still very excited and are sure you will enjoy the server once its up.

    We would much rather have a good release, than a broken one.

    We'll have a new release date and time as soon as possible for you.
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  5. #5 Ellis, Aug 7, 2017
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    Confirmed Release Date:

    8PM UK Time Tuesday 8th August.

    We must note that although we're happy with the current state of the server, and we have resolved many known bugs, there will still be some unknown bugs. If upon release you notice any bugs, please report them to the correct forum section & expect it to be fixed in the upcoming updates (updates are expected every 3-5 days). 

    We're updating the rules as we go along but will post a large changelog a few hours before release, once we're completely happy
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  6. Crashing Issues

    As most of you have already noticed, the server has a crashing issue. This is a very unfortunate issue and was truly unpredictable, as the general trend is that the server only crashes when it is populated, making finding and solving the issue impossible without allowing a lot of players online.

    I have only just finished working on the server (5am my time), and am hopeful the issue will no longer be reoccurring. I can not promise this as there are not enough players online on TeamSpeak right now to test.

     If the issue is reoccurring we will do everything we can to discover what is causing the crashing, and will fix it; the reason the diagnostic stage is taking so long is because the crashing issue is not showing us any errors in any logs - so at this point, we're working off coincidence by evaluating what is happening on the server just before the server crashes.

    This may prove to be a tiresome process and we will be compensating anyone that loses anything during these random crashes. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.
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    Post Release Update

    After much work and many long nights, we've been able to have a successful launch. So far, things are more than good, great in fact. We're surpassing our peak figures compared to Lakeside every day and things are going rather well.

    We know of course though, that time will tell how things work out for us. For now, however, we still have lots of work left to do.

    Thanks to the community and staff member input, we've been able to identify some issues within the server and have already begun resolving them. Updates are coming daily and you can see a full changelog every update here.

    Along with bug fixes, we have some exciting updates to come this week/early next week that we hope you'll appreciate and enjoy. Updates include a Blacksmith, which will be an alternative method for a civilian to obtain a good weapon; the Blacksmith will focus mainly on taking a player's time to create the weapon, rather than having high weapon prices. Alongside the Blacksmith, we'll also be adding updates and new features to the police computer, as well as work on bugs that have been reported throughout this week.

    We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and backing, as without it, we wouldn't have the chance to work on such a fun project. So thank you again and we'll keep you posted.
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