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Emita Release & Changelog | Arma Roleplay

Emita Release & Changelog

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CMC. Smith, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. #1 CMC. Smith, Aug 8, 2017
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    Update: 8/8/2017

    ***Rule Changes!***


    New Map - Emita

    Reskinned Vehicles

    Police Computer


    Custom HUD

    Speed cameras

    Arma 2 Intro Music

    Random Drug Dealer Spawn Points


    Fixed MTT Perks

    Wanted List Saves to Database

    Major Economy Changes

    911 Calls are More Noticeable

    Removed Old HUD

    Major Edits to the Mission File

    Soon To Come

    More Police Computer Features (please suggest some in the suggestions section!)

    Current bugs will be fixed, please post more if you find them

    Further Economy Changes


    This map change was made possible by...

    @Ellis - Major Changes, Bug Fixing, etc...

    @[AR]Christian - Reskins, Config Edits...

    @Tyler Johnson - Map Editing, testing, etc.

    @Alsing - Reskins, testing, etc.

    @ZKB1325 - Major Bug Fixes, Police Computer, etc...

    @CMC. Smith - Bug Fixes, Porting Emita to A3, Safehouse, etc.

    Shout out to a few people for helping....

    @BLitZ Melborn



    Shout out to the rest of the staff team as well for the quick bug testing session...

    Bugs will present! Report them here as soon as they are found so hot fixes can be made! Thanks!


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  2. Update: 10/8/2017

    Full Detail List: Click Here


    Searching removes Keycards

    Spawn Point Fixes

    Removed A3L Escorts (Glitched)

    Fixed issue concerning players being banned unneedly by the server (Contact Developer or Ellis if not)

    Uranium Mine no longer kills with suit on

    Minor Details
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  3. #3 Ellis, Aug 13, 2017
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    Update: 13/8/2017


    Blacksmith - new way for civilians to obtain weapons

    Dept & State Command Police Computer Announcements

    View Distance Script (Shift + NUMPAD +)

    Check Server Uptime (Shift + NUMPAD -)


    Safehouse Zones & Buildings Adjusted

    Safehouse Mission Timer Fixed

    Safehouse missions extended from every 30 minutes to 1 hour (being tried, might change)

    Hoverboards removed

    State Police Base Fixed


    Secret Service Badge & Restraints

    Hotfix for pull option for police

    Police radar showing ERROR on some number plates




    Huge credits to the development team again - @CMC. Smith @ZKB1325 especially.
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  4. Update: 16/8/2017


    Police Bait Cars (cops must read the SOP regarding this tool)

    Colors to the bottom-left HUD

    Added current & max weight to bottom-left HUD

    /vote day & night


    Processed drugs & resources now weigh less, making the processing system easier

    Cargo tower at Safehouse 1 no longer takes damage

    Jewelry store can now be robbed again

    Changed SIS base

    Drug prices changed slightly

    Police "Pull out" option


    Car alarms

    Arrest timer/countdown when in jail

    Secret Service Features

    New police radar

    ESU fixes & features

    ESU death timer adjustments


    Huge credits to @CMC. Smith @ZKB1325 @Richard Winters especially.
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  5. #5 CMC. Smith, Aug 18, 2017
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    Update: 18/8/2017


    "LAKESIDE BANK" when using ATMs

    Reduced mines radius to 30m

    Checks for Major Crimes

    Safehouse Cooldown to 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Other Minor Details
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  6. #6 CMC. Smith, Aug 20, 2017
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    Update: 20/8/2017


    Threat Level Option Stays after Respawn

    Jail Timer HUD Fixed (Charges Still Half cut off, will be fixed later)

    IA New Uniforms

    Major Update Coming Early Next Week!
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  7. #7 Ellis, Aug 22, 2017
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    Update: 22/8/2017


    Criminal Informants
    Every time someone plants/collects drugs, there is a small chance that a "Criminal Informant" will spawn. Civilians in that gang area will be tasked with killing the CI that has spawned somewhere on the map (it is marked), and the police will be tasked with getting information from the CI. If the police manage to get information from the CI, then the police are given sufficient evidence to raid the drug gang area.

    Police Mass Announcements
    Department & State Command of the police department can now send mass announcements to all civilians. Was highly requested and will help civilians keep track of major crimes that are occurring.

    Safehouse Wanting
    During safehouse missions, the entire zone will prevent evidence boxes from dropping. This will prevent civilians being set wanted for man slaughter after the mission has ended.

    Civilian Pull-Out
    Civilians, similar to our Arma 2 server, can now pull other civilians out of locked or unlocked vehicles, providing they have a weapon. It takes 4 seconds to pull someone out of the vehicle, and a warning message is sent to the victim. If the victim drives away in time, they do not get pulled out.


    Respawn button can not be pressed whilst getting revived

    Respawn timer changed to 5 minutes, to help ESU respond in time

    Pulling someone out of the vehicle no longer pulls every occupant, only one at a time

    Threat level menu returns on respawn (re-fixed)

    Forgot to mention:

    HK417 removed from State Patrol

    AK12 removed from Blacksmith, it was bugged

    Added HK417 to the Blacksmith, has the highest price and requires 3 different processed resources to obtain

    Ammo shop for Blacksmith has now been moved onto the crate, making obtaining ammo easier


    Secret Service Features

    New police radar

    Changes to the gang/drug areas

    Allow someone to see what they're wanted

    Police Tackling

    ESU fixes & adjustments

    New Interaction menu

    And a whole load more....


    @ZKB1325 @CMC. Smith the masterminds to thank.
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  8. #8 CMC. Smith, Aug 25, 2017
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    Update: 25/8/2017


    Encryption of Mission File

    As a security measure, we are now starting to encrypt our mission file. I am adding this to the changelog to alert people that issues may be present and we request that you report them immediately to the appropriate forums section.

    Secret Service Features

    When you are at the SIS base, you can scroll on a infostand to go on duty and will give you access to the "Show SIS Badge" option when you are close to a person.

    Drug Areas

    As the first baby step to our gang reform, we have now made it so you can only plant/collect drugs if you capture the gang area. In the next major update, you can expect there to be a new gang shop, with special features such as a "Cyber Terrorist" - more information to follow upon release.

    Civilians can now see if they are wanted - A hint is present when pressing Y

    To jail someone they must now be restrained


    Jewelry Store is now fixed - A Position Check was added now!

    Sending someone to jail from across the map is now fixed

    SIS Spawn Point

    SIS Air Spawn

    Fixed Naming Error With EMS Shops

    Fixed State Patrol Points

    Panic Button is now Shift + Delete (Fixes an issue where it was conflicting for staff)

    Shooting someone from a vehicle doesn't hurt them (VDM Script Error)

    An altitude limit is added to safehouse (300m) - will stop players from loitering 20,000m in a heli in the sky

    Fixed issue where you could only plant crops/drugs in a small area of the plant/drug area

    Panic Button Marker is police sided only now - In an upcoming update, police will not be able to use it when knocked out, and civilians will be able to destroy an officer's backup/panic button.


    Gang shop - Cyber Terrorist, Tracking device, and more

    New police radar

    Police Tackling

    ESU fixes & adjustments

    New Interaction menu

    New Phone

    Capture Processing Areas

    Reform of justice system

    And a whole load more....

    @ZKB1325 = Big Help!
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  9. #9 CMC. Smith, Sep 1, 2017
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    Update: 01/09/2017

    Update 1.5


    Gang/Drug Area Shop

    From now whenever you capture a drug/gang area, you will have access to purchase special items from the gang shop with gang funds - obtain funds by capturing drug areas and holding them. See what we have added to the gang shop below - more to come.


    Vehicle Tracker - Gang/Drug Area Shop

    Virtual item that applies to a vehicle. Keeps a marker on your map of its location, update location every 5 seconds.

    If the car gets impounded or destroyed, the marker disappears and you're sent a message and hint saying "Your GPS tracker has lost connection."

    Cyber Terrorist - Gang/Drug Area Shop

    You can now buy the "Hackable Police Computer" from gang shops after capturing a zone. You have a time limit on how long you have access to the computer and you can lookup others housing, warrants, etc.

    Along with that, we now have the "Cyber Terrorist (Bounty Remover)".
    If bought, removes: Attempted Auto Theft, Robbery, Hit and run, Burglary, Drug Possession.


    Supervisor Contact AI

    After being arrested, you can pay $75,000 to have a AI contact all available Supervisors for one to respond and look over your case.



    List of All Minor Additions

    Added Long Base

    Added SK Base

    Added ECR Base

    Added New SIS Gear

    Force Respawn after 15min

    NLR timer for cops (messages on spawn)

    Boat Garage

    Pat down of Civilians being Tied Up

    View VI of a Tied Civillian

    Instructional Hint for Blacksmith



    Panic Button is now a VI Item

    Panic Button Markers are Fixed

    Not having a weapon in Safehouse will mean no payout

    Safehouse Timer Changed to 1 hour and 30 minutes


    Jail Activities

    Interaction Menu

    New Phone

    More gang shop items

    More police computer features

    and more!

    @ZKB1325 #DudeThatMakesMeWannaKMS

    Note: We are now using a Version System - We are now on 1.5, so any hotfixes will be 1.5.1, and major updates would be 1.6.
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  10. #10 Ellis, Sep 11, 2017
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    Update: 11/09/2017

    Update 1.6


    New Interaction Menu

    I am happy to say we have completed designing our new graphics for the interaction menu:

    View attachment 1322    View attachment 1323


    Phone (50% Done)

    We're releasing our new phone in chunks, as of now only a small part of the phone has been released, but we have built the foundations to complete the rest.

    View attachment 1324


    Fixed an issue with gang vaults







    See all upcoming and WIP projects on our public Trello -

    See new rule changes:

    Credits @ZKB1325 @CMC. Smith, our graphic designer ' legosky ' & @hp user
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