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Future Plans | Arma Roleplay

Future Plans

Discussion in 'Homepage News' started by Ellis, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Hello everyone!

    I know it has been a while since we last formally addressed our community, but we felt we had to get a good plan in place and set the motions before speaking out. I hope that this announcement will give a good level of insight as to what we plan on doing, and we hope that you will follow us on this path.

    New Website
    So if you somehow haven't already noticed, we have now switched websites, which includes switching from IP Board to Xenforo (forum softwares) and relying on a different system to handle our donation system. The reason we did this was that although IP Board has a great many features, it lacks an area of social engagement, which we feel is vital for a community to thrive. We expect our new forum software will help us in many areas, all the way from heightened activity to staff management.

    All users, threads, posts, settings, passwords and E-Mails before the 15th September have been securely transferred. Users registered after this date will need to re-register, threads made after this date will need to be transferred and passwords changed after this date will need re-changing on here (if you so wish).

    Emita Map Changes

    As many of you will know, a recently made Arma 3 map named Elaine County has been released, made by the talented developer Smurks. This map has earned its credit not only by its wonderful design but also because it resembles and was built from the idea of Emita. From now, we would like to officially state that we have made an agreement with Smurks and that we will be moving to a customised and exclusive version of the map, which will only be made available to Arma Roleplay; furthermore, our agreement consists of Smurks only working exclusively on this map for us. We will have the only version of Elaine County that has been personally customized.

    The map itself, although resembles Emita County, does have some differences, most of which are very good differences. The map is an Arma 3 map and so will run much more smoothly than our Arma 2 Emita map.

    As far as customizations go, the map will be customized to appear to be an updated version of Emita, with Smurk's Elaine twists included - i.e. the extra islands to the right of the mainland. Once the map has been completed, it will resemble Emita a lot more (even more than what it currently does), but will still be more updated than its predecessor.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Content Changes
    Since we last made an announcement, development on content has slowed due to real life implications, on more than just one person. Nevertheless, development has finally sped up and upon our new map release, we will be releasing new illegal activities, money making methods, vehicle mods (new models and skins), and much more. Subscribers (explained below) will receive constant updates on the status of the server and will be able to partake in beta openings & development tests.

    Content and map change release date is still yet to be announced.

    Reforms in the Rules & Balance Issues
    During our August & September Emita release, we understood from the feedback we received that many. complaints originated from balancing issues, official factions that were present and issues within rules. We have heard your complaints and can guarantee there will be a change in our current ruleset that we hope will increase roleplay and the level of immersion.

    Alongside this, changes to weaponry will be made as to balance out the hostile situations that occur, and from today, all current official gangs have been revoked of their status. There will be a new level required of official gangs (and businesses), and only those that provide a better experience to the server will be granted the official status. Gangs that have been revoked of their official status may re-apply once they have met this standard.

    Staff Punishment System
    Additionally, we heard enough complaints about our punishment system to now say we will be changing it to a more suitable system, that will helpfully provide consistency and fairness. We will be switching to a warning point system, rather than a pure discretion system.

    However, just to put some classic criticisms of the point system to a halt, the system we will be using will still allow the staff member to use a level of discretion when coming to their decision, and can always contact a high ranking staff member to help reach a fair decision. This new punishment will be released to the public over the next few weeks, and early versions of it in development can be seen by Subscribers (explained below). Subscribers will also have the opportunity to help us develop the system by providing us with feedback and suggestions.

    Furthermore, verbal warnings/tell-offs will now be a thing of the past. From now, if you break a rule, rather than being let off completely, it will still be noted down on your history but you will receive 0 warning points, so it will not contribute to a later punishment (although a staff member may take it into consideration later on). This will ensure that members are not being let off for rule breaks they repeatedly commit.

    Financial Situation & Subscriber Rank
    So you've seen us get quite a bit of money over the last 2 months... so where has it all gone? Here's some insight:
    Development Work - est. $200 (content added over the last 2 months)
    Graphic Design Work - est. $130 (interaction menu icons)
    Red vehicle mod - est. $200 (20+ vehicle mods)
    New server box - $210 (much better DDoS protection, better hardware specs)
    New website - $170 (better investment, our current website is a monthly cost of $30, we no longer have monthly costs)

    Total: est. $910

    All of the money donated has been put to good use, so much so that we have drastically reduced our available funds to the point where we don't currently have enough to stay up for much longer.

    Therefore, for those that don't quite have enough to throw at a Donator rank, and in order to help us obtain more funds, we have released the new Subscriber status. Become a Subscriber today for only $1.99 and get the following perks:
    • Receive detailed reports on the server/community progress twice a week
    • Participate in beta openings & our development server regularly and give us feedback
    • Get access to premium forums - exclusive decision making, tournaments and giveaways!
    • Bi-Monthly leadership meeting between premium members & SLT (1st & 15th of every month)

    Check out our new store and upgrade today here. (Donator, Lifetime & Patron will be receiving new perks soon).

    Final Few Notes
    And to end off on an even cheerier note...
    everyone will now be able to create temporary locked channels on TeamSpeak - do so by right-clicking somewhere on TeamSpeak and hitting "Create Channel".

    Also, I'm not a fan of our image at the top of the website...expect a competition very soon in order to replace it.

    And last but not least, we can announce that the receiver of the newly returned Staff Member of the Month award is Alsing - for all his recent hard work and dedication.

    There is no available release date right now for the map and content changes.

    Expect further news to come, even more so for Subscribers.

    Kind regards,
    Arma Roleplay Team
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