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Gang Base 1 Suggestion | Arma Roleplay

Gang Base 1 Suggestion

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Feb 3, 2018.


Shall we turn Rebel Market into Gang Base 1 (big gang base) BUT with lots of nerfs?

  1. Yes, do this

  2. No, don't do this

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  1. So this has been suggested a few times, but this is the suggestion:

    Change "Gang Base 1" (Armone Family) base to a small gang base template (mentioned in previous threads).

    but then...

    Nerf Gang Base 1 a lot (extra entrances, no gates, remove the estate area) and change that to Rebel Market - I personally hate the current Rebel market so it is going to be changed anyway, but this was an idea for the change.
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  2. Completely remove that gang base and everything about it, the server does NOT need fort knox
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  3. Agreed, but it won't be fort knox by the end of the nerfs :) It will just be another castle type place for a public part of the map.

    I'm happy either way, just it'll require us to build a new Rebel market.
  4. Please just remove any traces of Gang Base 1. It was a horrible idea to begin with.
  5. Suggestion rejected for now.
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