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Gang Bases | Arma Roleplay

Gang Bases

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Jan 26, 2018.


What should official gangs get? (read below thread first)

  1. Gang shops ONLY (at Rebel, whitelisted shops)

  2. Small base, low walls, small defences in place

  3. Large area base, medium walls, small defences in place

  4. Fortified and heavily defendable area

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  1. #1 Ellis, Jan 26, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
    Vote away.

    To be clear by the way:
    The new gang base added was not to be used to lead cops there, only for illegal business matters but was defendable in cases of a raid.

    Please vote objectively.
  2. I think is small to medium bases with shops would be suitable. However I think gang members should NOT be allowed to barricade them selfs inside of the base unless the base is being actively raided. IE A gang members is not allowed to flee into a gang base and barricade them selfs unless there is a confirmed raid on the base.
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  3. Please shops in rebel !!!
  4. #4 DaJackal, Jan 26, 2018
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    Thank you.

    I can’t remember who suggested it (Pretty sure it was Tyler Johnson from Georgia) but I like the idea of templates that gangs have to choose from, with the ability to make minor changes. This ensures there is no bad-shit going on.
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  5. Good Evening
    I have so far been quiet on the subject as I am viewed as being too 'opinionated', the way I see it is that gangs should have to start from the beginning not having a 'base' but having to collectively purchase a home (using the gang funds, if that's still a thing) and from there conduct their criminal empire via drugs, gun sales or kidnappings.
    That way the criminals can keep their home a secret and if the police manage to find out where they are located they don't have to go through unrealistic stupid defences to stop the gangs and will also cut a lot of the shootouts that happened due to gangs baiting and getting chased to their base, a possible solution could be to have small industrial areas be purchasable by gangs so that they can use said areas for manufacturing weapons to sell or use them to process drugs they have grown at another location, this will help combat multiple issues of supposed rule breaks.
    Again this is just an idea and a way to keep everyone happy and not have an eyesore upsetting the locals.
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  6. Yeah to add on to wulf said, there should be an amount of roleplay on where to find addresses of suspected criminals and gang members other then knowing where the gang base is. I go to the community motto thats on TS "Roleplay, done properly" so shouldn't we follow it?
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  7. The problem is that cops can search up the name of a wanted individual and it will give the location of their house...
  8. Not always the case of where they actual keep stolen weapons in crates. With bigger gangs multiple people could own a house and you'd have to find out which one has where they are based out of. Not very easy at all.
  9. The way that can be countered is that gang purchased buildings and establishments don't show up in personal details available to the police that or gangs can pay to keep that info out of the hands of the police by having an NPC (Info Broker or Hack Specialist) placed somewhere so that they can continue there business and if one of them get arrested unless the person gives up the info for a shorter stint in jail no one will ever know, it will also give gangs a chance to raid other gangs by gathering intel on the location of HVT and following rival gang members to said locations
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  10. Ahh, the old gang base discussion, You know I've never really understood the gang base mentality in Arma, everyone seems to be fixated on these huge military styled compounds! when in the real world a gang is lucky to even have a fixed property (a house commercial building etc.) surely if you are in a gang the whole premise is not to get caught and keep doing whatever you do for profit! and please correct me if I'm wrong but a fucking huge walled base doesn't scream to me stealth and privacy! I don't walk around my local community and look across the road and see a towering concrete wall with the local chavs inside growing weed, then the chavs get chased by the police and run back into this prison level security compound and fight them off, in the real world which I'm pretty sure is the reason ROLEPLAY exists they run off in a car, crash or get stopped get arrested, or shot in America cause guns and stuff! so please explain why this discussion even exists, it killed the community last time and the time before so why is this even been thought of let alone voted on!

    Don't hate me because I have an opinion if you don't have anything constructive or nice to say about my opinion then don't bother quoting me or replying to me. as I simply won't respond! if you do have something to say that's relevant then feel free to chat with me!

    for the none UK people
    definition of a chav (
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  11. Best idea I've read so far? This is possitive for both sides as the gangs have their base but it's not of military grade and the police actually need to find it. This would also help with the big gang funds as they need to purchase their home(maybe pay weekly/daily rent?)
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  12. Couldn't have said it better myself
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  13. All choose your vote and we will get things sorted
  14. As it is already, gangs are overpowered. In rare cases are they expected to fight the police head-on and win, but it seems to happen 99% of the time on here. The fact that such a massive compound as that is that heavily fortified makes me dissapointed that even such a thing was considered in the first place. Gangs should have a mansion property with (destructible) walls at most. Start off by buying a house. Then work your way from there. Already overpowered gangs shouldn't just be given handouts like this.
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  15. Cast your vote and we shall sort things out :D
  16. How are gangs overpowered, gangs haven't had any sort of perk on elaine county they just use what's given to them, so the fact that you complain that you guys are getting beat 99% of the time with the weaponry anyone can get is not us being overpowered it is the faction you should be complaining about. As far as I know the Police have the upper hand you guys, but if you are losing this badly you are just bad at positioning or ArmA as a whole, you have the numbers advantage, and the equipment advantage. That's happens fairly often with the Police and SIS *cough* Dorsan *cough*
  17. I do agree that the base is intimidating as fuck but it is mainly for roleplay purposes, if we are granted the permission to lead cops back there in a chase then we will be happy to make some small cube or one killhouse where we can just hold up in there easily. There is 5 ways into the base and also the cave at the front has the strategic advantage for the attackers incase in the raid. Also we made it knowing that we wouldn't be allowed bringing cops back there in chases.
  18. Hi-Viz Tac vests are not very stealthy either, they'll see you coming from that far away they'll have enough time to build a massive fuck off walled compound
  19. Don't be a child. SIS has been nerfed and so you can't even use that anymore, there is no compromise as far as I'm concerned (You suggesting you'll make it easy if you keep the base?). This is about gang bases as a whole rather than your own specifically.
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  20. #20 Hunter Night, Jan 26, 2018
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    Most gangs roll around in either the same car or very close to each other. Police have to patrol large areas including the city and the countryside. We do other things than just get into shootouts. We talk to people, we give tickets, we give warnings, we help at crashes, we respond to calls, etc. To say that we outnumber gangs when there have been gangs of 10 players active at the same time is ridiculous.
    Gangs have nothing better to do than get into shootouts or surround a singular cop with 10 armed men/women(this isn't entirely the gangs fault).

    When it comes to weaponry, the same numbers game applies. No matter what gear either cops or civilians have, the numbers game will win. When you drive around and you get surrounded by 3-4 trucks filled with armed suspects that then proceed to cop bait you to pull them over just so they can rob/kidnap you, that's a problem.

    Gangs shouldn't be allowed to have large military compounds as if they are meant to be a part of the community. Gangs are supposed to be low profile and secretive as to not get caught. They commit crime but they don't commit crime to then go to their fortified military compound within vision of everyone(literally right next to a police HQ) and just hang around in an
    impenetrable fortress

    Gang bases shouldn't be harder to raid than the DOC. Nor should they be easier to defend than the DOC. The DOC has 2 gates, the gang base has 3. The DOC has shitty ladder-only towers meanwhile the gang base has several towers, from solar tower to green military towers.
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