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Gang Bases | Page 2 | Arma Roleplay

Gang Bases

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Jan 26, 2018.


What should official gangs get? (read below thread first)

  1. Gang shops ONLY (at Rebel, whitelisted shops)

  2. Small base, low walls, small defences in place

  3. Large area base, medium walls, small defences in place

  4. Fortified and heavily defendable area

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  1. #21 DaJackal, Jan 26, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
    No, there is no compromise such as what you are suggesting (Making it easy for cops if you keep the base). At-least as far as I'm concerned.

    Besides, this isn't just about your base. It's about future bases also. You also don't need to be a child referring to me specifically as-if I'm the face of SIS just to big yourself up in this little feud you seem so insistent on maintaining.

    SIS have already been nerfed.
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  2. Difference with DOC, always people guarding it, 2 ways of entry, helicopter and front gate, where with us we have 4 and less people then the police department, simple as you wont be lead there in chases you will be raiding it, and if there are organized raids on it then you should have the numbers on us.
  3. Yea but DOC is a government-run facility intended for holding felony level inmates not a glorified crack house
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  4. Can the DOC get big green cargo towers and higher walls then pls?
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  5. This is how I look at the situation, so long as they do not have overly powered bases on large areas of open field I am fine with it. I am also only fine with it if they do not bait cops into their base just to pick them off one by one. If the gangs are responsible and mature with their bases and not use them to overpower their advantage over the police force I feel there would be no problem, but once they start to bait cops and kill them one by one at their base there is a problem
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  6. Personally i would like to see small bases that are heavily fortified. Since there are very large bases that are heavily fortified and people can hide all over the base making it very hard for Civs/Cops to raid. So why not make it so that the bases are small so the people that are attacking have a decent chance when they make it inside they have a good chance since they don't need to keeps their eyes open on 6 different buildings.
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