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Gang Overhaul, DOC Island, Stat Wipe & Other Changes | Arma Roleplay

Gang Overhaul, DOC Island, Stat Wipe & Other Changes

Discussion in 'Homepage News' started by Ellis, Mar 1, 2018.

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    ood afternoon/morning,

    It's been a few weeks since our last update, but we've been busy for sure!

    Coming this weekend you can expect a few big changes that will massively affect the gameplay for gangs and how official gangs will work, as well as a few map changes.

    Also in this update contains some important bug fixes and content changes.

    Gang Overhaul

    So we're removing all official gang bases...
    We're basically changing everything about the way official gangs work..and gangs in general.

    In this update, official gangs will no longer have a base, instead, anyone can get a base - all gangs will be able to buy a plot of land (but perhaps not every gang can afford it).

    Once they own the plot of land, they'll be able to purchase upgrades for their base, using gang funds only (requires gangs to capture drug areas to gain gang funds, increases Gang v Gang activity).

    Each upgrade will reveal more of their base. E.g. the first upgrade might reveal a fence, and the next a building - and 100 upgrades later barbwire might start to appear on top of your fences!

    And the best part...
    They save over restarts, so when you come back on the next day, you carry on from exactly where you were!

    Spend time upgrading your base and you'll be left with something you and your gang can call yours and no one elses!

    What about the gang glitching (being in 2 gangs at once)?
    We found the cause of players being in multiple gangs and the reason why our database wasn't syncing properly, and we have now fixed this issue.

    DOC Island
    That's right! DOC will now be located on its very own island...
    This is by far one of the biggest custom edits we have had made to Elaine County, and it was possible thanks to Smurks!
    It includes the removal of the railway running through Elaine, being replaced by a river, and an island purely for the prison.

    Quick disclaimer, although the map has been made, there is a slight Arma bug which is causing the bridge to be too high. We're working with Smurks (even though he is super busy this weekend) to see this issue rectified as soon as possible, but we'd like to reserve the fact that this part of the update may come after this weekend's release, due to Smurks' schedule, although we do plan to have it ready for this weekend.

    Stat Wipe
    We all knew this was coming...
    We feel that the updates coming this weekend will heavily adjust the way in people play and farm, and so we feel this was an inevitable change.

    We can confirm that we will be wiping all statistics, including experience (we fixed a few XP bugs).

    But, we're running a double XP period for 3 days once the update is released.

    Other Changes
    A few other things we think will help...
    We took a look at a few of our suggestions and bug reports, and have implemented the following into our upcoming update:
    • When you're knocked out, you cannot knock someone else out
    • XP dupe methods
    • Vehicles (non-destroyed, alive) now return to your garage after a restart
    • Steam integration (now requires you to associate your Steam to your website account to play)
    • House robbing - now takes 3 minutes to break into someone else's house, alerts the owner and we fixed the bug that made some doors unopenable once you successfully broke in
    • WIP New Police radar - we're still working on this, but we're hopeful it'll be ready for this weekend
    • iOS launch - our app is now on Apple as well! See here.
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  2. Minutes feel like years now.
  3. +1
  4. What about being able to pick up a dead cop's firearm? Is that a change that will be implemented?
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  5. Thankfully not at the moment.
  6. Please... Don't start this again
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  7. Guys look, there is a river. Wonder who will be the first to drown in it.
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  8. Wonder how long it takes SIS to drown, i mean waterboard, someone in it
  9. You mean abuse people who they kidnap?
  10. We'd never do such a thing................................................

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