Guess Who's Back

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by J. Shreve, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Hey guys and girls, your favorite, or least favorite, lawyer has returned! School got the best of me and I got a few bad exam grades back, so I sold my PC, got a Mac, and just got a new gaming PC yesterday. Sooo, I am back! Hello to those who know me, and hi to those who don't as well... For those who don't, I'm the big bad lawyer that gets all you big bad criminals out of jail ;)
  2. Not the lawyer again... Jk I thought we would have a lawyer for this journey
  3. Welcome back! We need more good lawyers like you.
  4. Welcome back. I need you to sue Alsing for me. x
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  5. Welcome back to the community mate. I'm now a bar cert Lawyer and a soon to be state prosecutor. Hope to see you in the file once again.
  6. How does being a lawyer work out in this? I want spiritual help, as well as potentially legal help on the inside.
  7. Its relatively simple. I can represent you in front of your arresting officer in an attempt to reduce a sentence if you believe you're guilty, and I can represent you in court for compensation if you believe you were falsely arrested and plead not guilty. There are also a few other things I can do, such as contract preparation and legal advising, but legal representation is the primary job.

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