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  1. Name is Mavrick, i set sail through the ocean to leave a crashing society. i have found my way this great island...i am hoping to make a new home and meet some great new people...

    in the process of downloading right now so hopefully ill be on soon if everything works out....apparently i joined back in jan and like forgot or something lol but i'm here now and hope to meet everyone..

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  2. Welcome to the Island mate! enjoy your stay.
  3. Welcome Mavrick!
  4. Hey Maverick,
    It's great to have you here, I am glad you found your way to our island out of all the once out there in the ocean. I hope you enjoy your time here and I hope we will meat on the server. And remeber if you ever need help with anything or you have a question we are here to help and if you go to requesting help a staff member will come and help you.

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