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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kirumy, May 14, 2018.

  1. Is this community dead? I went on the server and there were 0 people on. Is it called a test server?
  2. yes a test server
  3. So, to confirm, this community IS dead? I used to be a player on the Emita Life servers for ArmA2 and swung by to see if it was still around. This is where I got directed to.
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  4. As far as most are aware, yes. Tho' nothing has actually been said.
  5. Not 100%
  6. Ah sorry Alsing, I forgot the TS was operational!
  7. yup its dead go home
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  8. Well you're still here.
    So are you.
  9. So, because two people comment on a thread means the community isn't dead? If you say so.
  10. Well, just keep an eye on how many people actually visit the website every day.
  11. Alsing. It really does not matter how many people come on the website when the whole purpose of this website is to supplement a server that hasn't been running for the best part of a month or two (With literally zero announcements). I'm not saying it can't be revived, though denying it is dead is absurd.
  12. The server is dead, not the community.
  13. #13 DaJackal, May 15, 2018
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
    I cannot even be fucked arguing this with you Alsing. You seriously need a reality check if you think this community is still alive.
    • Only people on forums are people who are curious.
    • Only people on teamspeak are staff.
    Stop being so fucking stubborn and accept what is clear. This is coming from someone who is leaning towards actually wanting this to come back up, provided it turns into an actual community rather than what is has been since it switched to A3.

    It's a real shame you are the one representing AR at the moment, just be glad very few people will actually care enough to look at this thread and see the shit leaving your mouth.
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  14. Whatever you say
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  15. Just for the record, I'm not representing anything but my own opinions in this thread.
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  16. #16 DaJackal, May 15, 2018
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
    It doesn't matter if you say that, because you are the only one on the ladder that is commenting on things, so whether you like it or not you are representing AR.

    It's clear the server will be returning in some form and so that's probably why you're being this stubborn. I hope you have a good way to get people back rather than a few new mods thrown into the mod-pack. The issue with this community has always been the constant extremely toxic arguments between Police & Gangs, along with its inability to attract and keep new players.
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  17. The server is like the story of Jesus, amazing ideas and with good gameplay, dies because of too many updates of one week gangs are OP, the next week PD are OP, server dies because updates and rule changes have killed every aspect of RP/Population, RESURECTION, Good for another few months but has the same problem with updates and things being OP, then nerfed, then OP. Now we are here in the RESURECTION Stage again.

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  18. Yeezus, I think I sparked some kind of debate. So, anyone got a timeframe to when things ought to be operational again?
  19. Jump on the list, we've been waiting a month now with basically no update while the owners milk that subscriber money, hence why i cancelled my subscription
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  20. We apologise to our Subscribers but our upcoming announcement will make things clearer.

    An important staff meeting is being arranged and this meeting will confirm our future. An announcement will come soon after the meeting.
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