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Important Rules Changes | Arma Roleplay

Important Rules Changes

Discussion in 'Homepage News' started by Ellis, Jan 21, 2018.

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    After a long discussion made in a community meeting today, we are happy to introduce our new changes:

    Secret Service rules:
    13.0.1 - There may only be 5 Secret Service agents on at any one time, unless protecting a government official.

    13.0.2 - Secret Service members must stick to their SOP weapon restrictions.

    13.0.3 - Secret Service members must only use armored vehicles during SOP allowed situations.

    13.0.4 - Secret Service SOP changes to usage of weapons/vehicles must be discussed with a Community Manager+.

    SOP's for Secret Service have also been changed, to make their weaponry limited. They may also not use the armored car unless protecting a government official (some exceptions in SOP).

    Further clarification on cop baiting:
    10.0.1 - Cop baiting is not allowed. This means luring or baiting the cops into chasing you for no reason, or for to get into a gunfight. This includes but is not limited to...
    • Forcing the police to initiate on you, such as intentionally crashing your vehicle into theirs
    • Loitering around police bases/the police whilst wanted for no good reason
    • Messaging the police/calling 911 to have them come pursue you
    • Evading a traffic stop for no reason

    Green zone rule additions:
    7.0.11 - Green zones are no crime, no initiation zones (applies to police). Green zones consist of;
    • All Elaine Police Stations (DOC is not a green zone)
    • All hospitals
    • Civilian spawn

    7.0.12 - If you initiate on someone/have been initiated on you may not flee into a green zone (green zones listed above). Exceptions include driving through the area.

    7.0.13 - If you have been released from medical custody in the hospital, you may evade the police whilst inside that hospital green zone.

    Forced traffic stop RP:
    10.0.13 - Civilians must roleplay a traffic stop realistically and not evade, unless you have a good reason to not do so, such as being wanted or not having a license whilst having valuable illegal goods in your vehicle.

    Can now kill a medic if...:
    1.0.17 -You may kill a medic if they are combat reviving someone during an active gunfight.

    You can now revive a gang member if...:
    11.0.7 - You may revive other gang members once a roleplay situation has ended, even if they died during a gunfight.

    SWAT shield knocking out:
    8.0.13 - SWAT/Police may not knock someone out using the SWAT shield, this includes all methods of making someone unconscious.

    Police NLR rule:
    6.0.2 - Don’t go back to the place where you died and seek ‘revenge’ on the person who killed you. Police may return to their scene of death if they're called back (i.e requested back as backup) to respond to an incident except for bank situations, police may not return to a bank situation.

    See all recent changes here:

    Other changes discussed will be released in the next day or two, apart from new features such as new money making methods which will be released in later updates.
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