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Lakeside Valley Changelog | Arma Roleplay

Lakeside Valley Changelog

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by King Cr1TiKaL, Feb 26, 2017.

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  1. #1 King Cr1TiKaL, Feb 26, 2017
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    >Snakes are now removed, which will increase server FPS
    >Beds are now visible at the Lakeside Hospital (New beds)
    >More interior design at Lakeside Hospital
    >Rain should be less frequent now (still a work in-progress)
    >Vehicle alarm is now added. If you are unsuccessful at lock-picking a car, it will send off an alarm within the radius that you're in.

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  2. #2 King Cr1TiKaL, Apr 16, 2017
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    Update: 4/15/2017


    >Alsing's business law firm has now been added in lakeside (Interior is not fully done yet and will be finished in the future)

    >The Arrington family base has been added

    >Lakeside Hospital interior is completely re-done (Waiting room, entry desk, revamped beds, etc..)

    >Construction site added to the invisible bridge (The invisible wall will be fixed in the future)

    >Safety Barriers have been added to the bridges ramp so that you can't just fly off it anymore

    >Lighting added to Lakeside Hospital so it should be easier to see around now

    >SWAT Base completed (Just west of Lakeside Police Department)

    >The Quisha Family's shops have been implemented (If you're apart of the gang and need to be white-listed contact a Community Manager +)

    >The Quisha Family's base has been completely moved/redone



    >Blasting Charge's can now be sold back to the Rebel Dealer for half the price (75,000)

    >The Trooper EvoX can no longer be sold in the garage for 20,000, instead it's now sold for 2,000

    >Adjusted Infistar white-listing (Should be easier on our end)

    >Buses at DOC will no longer blow up, the building has been extended

    >Morrison Town Police Department is no longer tilted into the ground

    >Economy updates (Changed pricing around)

    >Rebel Market has been moved and prices were adjusted



    *Lakeside Hospital beds still might disappear, if they do, please let me know as soon as possible!*

    This update was done in collaboration with Ellis and CMC. Smith
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  3. #3 King Cr1TiKaL, Apr 19, 2017
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    Update: 4/18/2017


    >Parking lot near the Electric chair

    >Taxi Depot added in Lakeside (Work in progress)

    >Fish Market now has a building


    >Lighting at DOC should now be brighter
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  4. #4 Ellis, Apr 26, 2017
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    Update: 4/25/2017


    >Pimp My Gun shop

    >Battle Bus to Rebel Market

    >Jim's Motors (added new vehicles)

    >Bicycle & Hoverboard shop


    >Added a Market to AMH Law Associates

    >Reduced M-900 helicopter price to $70,000 / $105,000 (buy price), was 300k

    Removed Benelli & SWAT shield with pistol (a new shield will be added)



    Another mod update will come this weekend/later this week which will include more police vehicles, as well as other things.

    If you have a good idea, please don't hesitate in posting a suggestion here.
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  5. #5 King Cr1TiKaL, Apr 26, 2017
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    Update: 4/26/2017


    Map icon for the Taxi Depot

    Dunkin' Bronuts added in Lakeside (In a future update, an NPC will sell a variety of items from the shop) + Map Icon added

    Dexter's Pizza added in Lakeside (In a future update, an NPC will sell a variety of items from the shop) + Map Icon added

    DOC has been changed quite a bit (Changed tower locations, bugged places, etc.)

    Parking lot near Alsing's Law Firm

    Detention Facility added in DOC (A new place where you can process prisoners, there's a mug-shot place in there, cafeteria, beds, and places where inmates can interact with people on the outside through the glass wall/phone-booth)


    Various map bugs (Lighting, random walls & buildings, roads, etc.)

    You should now be able to buy vehicles and weapons from the shops at DOC

    Fixed the gates at DOC, and they should now be able to open properly

    Moved the towers around DOC slightly

    Fixed the bridge that leads to DOC, it will no longer be able to kill you when you're driving down from it

    Should no longer be able to rearm from the taxi's at Taxi Depot

    Removed floating hotel sign in Lakeside

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  6. #6 Ellis, Apr 30, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: May 2, 2017

    Update: 5/01/2017


    Added new clothing shops in-game, purchase access @ (store is still to be released)

    Arrington Base changed, added Underground Outlaws & Morningstar base

    Changed Secret Intelligence Service base

    Changed AMH Law associates offices

    Hotkey to use pickaxe, use "7"

    More police weaponry added

    New DOC - Credits to @Tbot

    Camp site in Lakeside was changed into a gas station 


    Jailing player removes all items including radio

    Panic button sound file now plays for all cops when activated

    Drug sell prices increased

    Meth lab fixed

    Coco fields fixed

    Bank fixed

    Market moved

    Beds causing server crash

    Map icon added for Dunkin Bronuts' & Dexter's Pizza

    DOC vehicle shops should now properly spawn vehicles


    Thanks to our recently new developer @Mark , @CMC. Smith & @King Cr1TiKaL
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  7. #7 Ellis, May 4, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: May 5, 2017

    Update: 5/04/2017


    Reminders are sent to players when they enter a gang base stating that initiation is made automatically

    Added Cocaine Processing

    Added Cocaine to the drug dealer


    New D.O.C actually released

    Mayor office updated

    Economy adjusted


    New gang shops update coming this week
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  8. Update: 5/05/2017


    Added Auto-Saving


    D.O.C. Fence's/Walls have been adjusted should no longer be derpy

    D.O.C. Ladder towers are no longer derpy.

    Mayor office updated(Gates work and the area was beautified).

    Federal Reserve is now able to be robbed multiple times not just once.

    Outlaw's Heli spawn has been fixed

    New gang shops update coming this week.


    Big thanks to Mr. Cr1TiKaL and Mr. CMC Smith for all their hard work!!!!!
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  9. #9 Mark, May 14, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2017

    Update: 5/14/2017


    Death messages (sends a notice to a dead player reminding them about the combat log rule)

    Clean Up Script


    ALL money making ways increased in worth (especially drugs)

    Redone Arrington Shops

    Tree that went through JR Haulage's HQ

    Tear gas is now no longer broken with ESC removing effects

    Bank Rewards and System is now completely fixed and able to be robbed!!!

    Big thanks to Mr. Cr1TiKaL and Mr. CMC Smith for all their hard work!!!!!
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  10. #10 Ellis, May 17, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2017

    Update: 5/17/2017

    ***Mod Pack Update Required***


    Aircraft carrier to enjoy the Jets DLC hype


    Server fixed to work with the new Arma 3 update

    Fixed a typo on death combat logging message


    Huge thanks to  @Chewz for fixing the server.
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  11. Update: 5/24/2017


    Seat belts(Scroll wheel function that negates 50% of any damage caused by crashing).

    Evidence locker added to DOC (New type of Fed but this has guns and magazines and other stuff).

    New police vehicles/skins.



    Federal Reserve should be now able to be robbed more than once now.

    Primary weapons no longer despawn on revive.

    Fixed licensing removal.

    Fixed the robbery message at the Lakeside General Store.

    FPS modifications(Should be better now!!).

    Morrison Police Garage no longer destroys vehicles.

    Added a message stating a LR channel upon entering a helicopter.


    Big thanks to @CMC. Smith for all his hard work
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  12. #12 Ellis, May 31, 2017
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    Update: 5/31/2017


    Added Restricted TFR Radio Frequencies

    Limit of house purchases (5)

    Garage to Underground Outlaws gang base

    State Trooper vehicle shops to Los Diablos & Morrison

    Removed gas masks from all civilian shops, added it to rebel market & increased price to $100,000

    Patrol points for police officers



    Bridge invisible wall & ramp fixed (thanks to Tyler)

    Threat Level Menu reappears after death

    Increase robbery time of shops/markets to 90 seconds

    Message sent reminding about air frequency fixed

    Increase Press Vest to $60,000 due to its armour grade level

     Helicopter weight limits

    Increased server security against hackers

    Reduced sell price on PD vehicle

    Fixed a critical money duplication bug


    Thank you so much to @CMC. Smith for his hard work on this update!

    This is our 7th update this month, thanks to our amazing development team working very hard  (@Mark  @CMC. Smith @Darwin Cried @Tyler Johnson @King Cr1TiKaL)


    More updates coming soon, with more major criminal events & more
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  13. #13 CMC. Smith, Jun 17, 2017
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    Update: 6/16/2017

    ***Mod Pack Update Required***


    Police Key cards

    Jewelry Store Heist - In Lakeside

    Gang Treasury

    Modular Talent Tree System - Ctrl + T

    Add Gang Capturable Areas - Must Create a Gang, Costs 75k - Shift + I and Shift + O

    Tuning Shop - In Lakeside


    Spawn Points with Multiple Licenses

    Demilitarize Gun Shops

    Los D Police Car Bug

    Remade SIS and Mayors Mansion

    Cop Flash bang Lasts Half the time of Civilians

    Bank Cases are Limited to 6

    Remade Arrington and Outlaws Base

    Removed Morningstar Base

    Removed General Store and Market from Gang Bases

    Patrol Points Loop - Added More

    GenPop Prison Bug Temporary Fix

    Lock picks Added to Police Shop

    Police Lock Bank Vault Bug - Report if any problems present

    Thanks to a few people for helping...

    @Mark - Developed along...

    @Leo - Edited Weapon Shops

    @Darwin Cried - Vehicle Config Edits 

    @Tyler Johnson - Texture Edits

    @BLitZ Melborn - Helped Mass Configure Files

    @Robin @Chippy @[AR]Christian- Bug Testers

    Bugs will present! Please report as soon as you find them!

    Critical Bugs will be fixed as soon as reported and a hotfix will be put out soon after reports!
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