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Network Issues & Police Changes | Arma Roleplay

Network Issues & Police Changes

Discussion in 'Homepage News' started by Ellis, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Hello all,

    This is just a small post to address today's issues as well as give an update on the promised upcoming police development changes.

    We fully acknowledge that during tonight we faced some serious network issues that unfortunately led to the lengthy server & TeamSpeak downtime. We're working very hard on addressing the issues and you can use the homepage of this website to see if the TeamSpeak is back online.

    In reference to the police changes, there's still plenty of time to post your recommendations for changes in the way the police role is scripted, which you can contribute to here.

    We're taking note of suggestions that receive a positive response and are looking at releasing this update as soon as it is ready, without hesitation.

    We appreciate everyone's patience whilst we work on fixing the previously mentioned issues, and will keep you updated on our upcoming additions

    - Arma Roleplay Team
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