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Our Proposal, Your Opinion | Arma Roleplay

Our Proposal, Your Opinion

Discussion in 'Homepage News' started by Ellis, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. #1 Ellis, Jan 31, 2018
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  2. This seems like a very good idea, I hope this gets added within the server. :)
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  3. Seems like a very good start to improving the current state of the server
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  4. Planes, planes planes ;) I'd love to see a commercial plane too, like on ILL. :crossed::crossed::crossed::crossed::crossed::crossed::crossed::crossed:
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    Do this along with a wipe and this community may be able to be salvaged
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  6. Yeah I think may be a good approach to the new changes, would help balance out the start
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  7. Can you name the hookers after the Quisha Sisters? That will 100% guarantee a growth in the population. No but seriously, will hookers make mad $?
  8. This is a good step in the right direction
  9. The lack of role play isn't just on the civilian side. Many cops choose to shoot instead of trying to resolve the situation safely. I think that there should be things put in on both sides.
  10. I liked the changes but I completely disagree with gangs controlling two areas allowing them to bring money. This allows gangs to not work for money and if there is a low pop, gangs can abuse the system.
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  11. Keep in mind that it's not a lot of money that they're gonna earn off it.
  12. Alright, how would you feel if we put protections in place to ensure it is not abused? Also, in regards to working for the money, they'd have to control the money printing area, as well as keep both gang areas claimed, so their work is to protect.

    Otherwise, we'd need to find another motivation to keep hold of gang areas.
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  13. Mainly because we don’t stop getting killed by civs.
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  14. How about a timer? So they capture each gang area for 30 minutes or so then they have to go and recap it?
  15. Could work, but since we're already basically punishing someone for not having a gang area (no access to weapon/vest shops), it'd be nice to now encourage them and reward them for capturing an area.

    So any additional ideas for encouraging gangs to capture a drug area would be nice.
  16. Can rebel and imported be remade with more guns to choose from as well as attachments including optics like acog or red dot sights.Also please can more clothes be added to the rebel shop aswell as masks helmets and vests even if its the exact same vest just in different colours.
  17. This is a good step in the right direction. Maybe implementation of a longer death timer for civilians could be an incentive to roleplay situations instead of running and gunning.
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  18. Update:
    Development on changes has begun.
  19. Just make sure its not abused and I am fine.
  20. Just an idea I've thought up on the spot:

    Split the maps into 5 or 6 parts, which will act as the new "gang area", so it'd cover the entirety of the map. Have 2 or 3 flags within each portion of the map, and the gang must control a majority of the flags to receive the benefit from that area. This would make controlling gang areas a larger task for gangs and hopefully divert their attention to control as opposed to messing with cops. It would work almost like a control the area type game for gangs.

    As for growing drugs, change it so they can be grown in most areas, such as fields and maybe woodland. The CI would give good the town closest to where the drugs are being grown, and then cops then have to search the immediate area.
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