Police Update Released (Part 1)

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  1. Hello everyone,

    We're very happy to say we have now released Arma Roleplay v1.19, focussing mainly on the gameplay aspects for police.

    This is part 1 of a series of police updates to come.

    In this update you can expect to see:
    • Police merger (already carried out, Metro closed, State Patrol covers the county except DOC)
    • Badge system (use the 'K' key in-game, officers can show their badge to civilians, useful at DOC gate)
    • Added evidence bag (clears virtual items off the ground)
    • Improved police loadout (custom loadout system upcoming), default loadout also now includes virtual items such as red gull, bandages, etc.
    • Bail added to the Criminal Code, some crimes can avoid jail time by paying bail
    • Spontaneous court hearing in-game (if a Judge is online, a court case can happen there and then without an application)
    • Improved police radar and increased measuring distance
    • Police weaponry no longer drops on death
    • Weaponry change for SWAT
    • House cargo wiped and changes made to prevent civilians stockpiling police weaponry
    • Added Tier 3 Weapon shops for plots of land (gang bases), more shops including vehicle shops are to come
    • Increased gas station robbery "run away" distance
    • More police patrol points
    • Trash money making method at DOC for convicts
    • Increased required people online for money printer
    • Restricted some rifles at Miles' Rifle Store with an actual in-game "Semi-Heavy Arms License"

    The update is now live.

    More to come.

    See you in-game!
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