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Rule Changes | Arma Roleplay

Rule Changes

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Apr 2, 2017.

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  1. #1 Ellis, Apr 2, 2017
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  2. Added for clarification of VDM:
    3.0.1 - You may not use your vehicle in a way to cause injury or death, as this is classed as vehicle deathmatch (VDM), even in cases which are self-defense. However, you may use your vehicle as a tool (i.e vehicle manoeuvres, such as PIT) to prevent the vehicle from fleeing. Exceptions may be mentioned below.

    1.0.17 - Whilst flying within Lakeside city you may not go below 200m altitude. Breaking this rule does not grant the police to take action, only to report it to a staff member.
  3. Changed:
    1.0.17 - Whilst flying an airplane within Lakeside city you may not go below 200m altitude. Breaking this rule does not grant the police to take action, only to report it to a staff member.

    (added airplane, helicopters are fine as long as it is flown competently).
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    1.0.18 - You may not airlift a tow truck currently towing a vehicle.
  5. Rules Changed:

    9.0.5 - Civilians may only use a CPR kit if they died by a bug or by a non-roleplay mean (gunfights class as roleplay). If a medic orders you to stop reviving or tells the person you just revived to come with them to the hospital, they must do so.

    7.0.4 - Cops cannot use CPR kits to revive civilians (unless they died by a bug/non-roleplay mean). Only to revive other police officers once a roleplay situation has ended.

    The purpose of these changes will hopefully harmonise the frustration created by random deaths.
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  6. Added:

    9.0.11 - For the Mayor to lose his Mayor status prematurely, he must either resign, be found corrupt by the police or be taken hostage and eventually killed within a hostage situation (the hostage situation should be roleplayed with the utmost roleplay as each case will be reviewed by the Leadership Team before the Mayor loses his status, this includes giving the police reasonable demands for the hostage to be returned safely).
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  7. Rules Changed:

    Added - 9.0.12 - During a robbery you may not force someone to buy you something from a shop.

    Changed 5.0.2 - Don’t go back to the place where you died and seek ‘revenge’ on the person who killed you. Police may return to their scene of death if they're called back (i.e requested back as backup) to respond to an incident.

    No change, but please be reminded this is in our rules under the major crimes section:

    11.0.5 - You may only start a jailbreak / attack DOC, if a fellow gang member/friend (evidence will be needed to show that you are related to the person) is in prison, and your intention is to release them, or if you have been hired as an illegal business to extract certain prisoners.

    Some of you seem to have forgotten this rule.
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  8. Added:

    0.0.4 - Whilst actively playing in-game you must be in the TaskForceRadio room unless you're given permission by a staff member to do otherwise.
  9. Added:

    6.0.15 - Licensed legal business bases/shops/areas are no-violent zones.
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  10. Changed:

    6.0.15 - Licensed legal business bases are no-violent zones. You cannot flee into these areas from the police or a civilian.
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  11. Changed/Reminder:

    1.0.11 - Combat logging is not permitted. This includes disconnecting whilst in an active roleplay situation. If initiated on, you must wait up to 10 minutes after the situation has ended before logging off. You may not disconnect whilst dead.
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    Changed: 4.0.2 - You are not allowed to make up invisible items which cause an unfair advantage (such as saying that you've got a gun/knife pointed at a person, even though you're unarmed)

    Example of what you can't say:

    "I have a knife to your throat so listen to me or die" whilst in a car.  

    Example of something thats allowed: 

    (COP) - "I'm going to unrestrain you, but I have shackeled your feet and I want you to drop all of you gear on the ground".

    (CIV) - "I'm putting a cloth in your mouth and you're now unable to speak"
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  13. Changed:

    10.0.3 - You can only have a maximum of 15 people in a gang at any one time, and only 10 may be in-game at once. The Director of Factions may give approval for a gang to bypass this limit.
  14. Added:

    2.0.14 - Entering a gang base that you aren't a part of is automatic initiation and you can be killed by members of that gang. This also includes airspace over the gang base, but only if the aviation vehicle is loitering.
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    1.0.2 - Using in-game VON/chat (direct, side, global, group etc.) is forbidden. You may ask questions and post *twitter* adverts via side chat only, but we encourage you to ask in-game questions whilst in-character. *Twitter* adverts cannot be used to ask questions, only to advertise services.

    1.0.6 - Civilians must have a valid roleplay reason in order to raid someone’s house. Cops must receive an approved warrant via the forums to raid a house/gang base, there are some exceptions in the cops S.O.P.

    2.0.13 - Sirens do not count as initiation. However, if the police begin to perform maneuvers to stop a vehicle/show clear intention they're chasing you, this is classed as initiation.
  16. Added:

    2.0.15 - It is the initiating party's responsibility to make sure that the victim can hear and understand the initiation.

    2.0.16 - Stealing someone else's property is automatic initiation. You must be sure they're stealing it, rather than it being an accidental pickup of an item/entering a vehicle.
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  17. #17 Ellis, Apr 25, 2017
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    7.0.8 - Neither the ESU or Police may impound vehicles during a combat situation.
  18. Added:

    6.0.16 - It is against the rules for the following positions to be corrupt:

    • Department of Justice Chief Judge
    • L.V.P.D Internal Affairs Captain/highest leader
    • L.V.E.S Medical Director
    • Chief of Secret Intelligence Service
    • Chief Operative of Secret Intelligence Service
  19. Added:

    1.0.19 - When being shot at, or when an officer is attempting to taze you, you are not allowed to zig-zag by dragging your mouse full speed left and right as this causes your character to de-sync around (You are still allowed to zig-zag normally by pressing A & D whilst running and normally move your mouse from side to side).

    This doesn't mean that you arent allowed to zig-zag, just that when the server has been up for a while, by throwing your mouse from side to side causes your character to de-sync and run around super fast.
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  20. Added:

    5.0.5 - If you die during a raid on your base/house (includes civilian raids), you cannot respawn at your base/house.

    Was already against the rules, but added it for clarification.
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