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Server Update & Giveaway | Arma Roleplay

Server Update & Giveaway

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Mar 7, 2017.

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  1. #1 Ellis, Mar 7, 2017
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    Hello all,

    A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks and I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all on the current status of the community.

    Not too long ago we announced we would be switching websites, along with the fact we would be switching dedicated servers. The reasons for this can be seen in Hillman's post on our old website (posted yesterday, can be seen below).

    However, moving on to more recent news.

    We're currently working hard setting up our new Arma 3 server, which will have alongside it a new set of mods; these can be downloaded easily using Arma3Sync when released. In this update, you can expect to see a massive overhaul in the gameplay style and in turn, an increase in player count.

    After trialing with a plain mission file for the last 2 months, we've decided it is about time we move onto a more modded and customized mission file, which will hopefully immerse our players into the role-play atmosphere.

    In this update, you can expect a lot more guns, shops, vehicles, features, jobs (including a Mayor position!) and the release of D.O.C / S.W.A.T, alongside a completely reformed Police Department & Emergency Services (thanks to McMullen & Josh).

    What's happened to the player count?

    To address quickly the issue with our player count, we're aware of the current state of our server but are not worried. Over the last 2 months, we have been evaluating the feedback given to us, as well as our player count. Therefore, using this feedback, we're hopeful this new server will completely change the way our players spend their time on our server, and with the help of our old Enjin websites, we will have access to over 10,000 E-Mails/Enjin accounts in which we can send a message advertising our new changes. In addition to this, we have other advertising campaigns put in place and we plan on sending these messages/releasing these campaigns upon Arma Roleplay 2.0 release.

    So when is Arma Roleplay 2.0 being released?

    As said earlier, we're currently in the process of setting everything up and are hopeful to release the mods for the new server very soon (expected sometime this week). Regarding the server, however, we're not going to release until we're 110% happy with everything - and so we'll give you a date as soon as possible.

    What about Arma 2?

    We're going to be looking at the possibility of bringing back the Arma 2 server, but will comment on this when we're 100% certain.

    Also, to help support one of our advertising campaigns we shall be doing a giveaway!

    Click here to enter the $50 Steam Gift Card Giveaway

    Donation funds are not funding this.

    Hillman's Post:

    Warning: To anyone who may be concerned my grammar and punctuation will not be up to some peoples standards.

    Hey, community!

    [SIZE=14pt]It's been a while since I've done a website announcement to the community so my apologies there. The reason for this announcement is just to give everyone a brief insight as to what has been happening and will be happening within the community. Two recent things what has happened is that we are leaving [/SIZE]enjin and also we have purchased a new server box. The reason for these changes is because we had lost communication with jp over the last few weeks and it became alarming that where myself does not have access to the donations to pay for the current server and website I felt to keep this community alive we should take these steps. Now since then as from 28/02 jp had made communication to Ellis into his status on why he has been MIA, Now without going into a lot of detail jp is currently busy with real life and quite honestly don't know when and if he is able to come back. With these changes we have made so far we can now comfortably move forward with as little issues as possible. In regards to the PayPal, it has been said there is currently $450 in which jp has said after taxes he will transfer $237 to the new PayPal account we have set up for ArmaRoleplay. This has not yet been sent across 06/03. I will update this once this has been done.

    There has been a lot go on this year already with some people coming and going and things changing and if I'm honest within communities there is never a dull moment. I do want people to know we are not dead and have not given up and don't intend to give up at all even if some people have. I made a bold statement the other day “I will be here till I'm the last one in this community and I shall stick by that“. I would also like to Thank everyone who has put time and effort into this community whether it's been recently or in the past.

    Some changes that are happening Immediately
    We are currently in the process of testing a new mission in which should be rolled out and announced properly once we are happy with things within the next few days and thanks goes to josh09dx and McMullen Hughes for helping us set this up and giving us the mission. Also, josh09dx and McMullen Hughes will be taking control of the structure and running of the police and ems departments so expect some roll calls and changes there. Lastly, the next thing will be changing is Ellis our community manager will be stepping up into the Community owner roll along side myself to continue to run things here at AR. There is also going to be more changes along the way so keep up to date on our new website.

    Any questions you may have feel free to bring them on TeamSpeak and message a staff member

    Thank you for everyone who has stayed with us and continue to do so.

    (Community Owner)

    P.s Good bye enjin is has been a pleasure :)





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  2. Server Update #1

    The server's progress and status seems to be moving forward at a steady pace. A lot of the main content has been completed and so we're currently just working on fixing a few critical issues.

    We're hopeful for a weekend release but will give a release date soon.

    In the meantime, we recommend you download our mods so you can join the server as soon as we launch. Download them here.
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  3. #3 Ellis, Mar 19, 2017
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    Server Update #2

    The recent large Arma 3 update has set us back and given us some issues. All the content is finished and we're working on fixing the issues. We'll let you know more on Tuesday if the server is not out by then.
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  4. #4 Ellis, Mar 21, 2017
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    Server Update #3

    Since Sunday we have successfully fixed all of the issues we were experiencing due to the Arma 3 update. We're at the stage of applying finishing touches to the server and making sure the economy is ready to be released (expect changes in the economy upon release for the first month, however).

    Community Update
    New Mayor Position / Release of Official Gangs/Licensed Business / New Webstore

    As part of Arma Roleplay 2.0, we plan on releasing all other components which will "make AR great again", which includes the release of the Mayor position in which individuals will have to vote, as well as business licenses and official gangs.

    If you're interested in having either a licensed business or official gang, we strongly suggest you apply for such position within the next 7 days, as the in-game fee which would normally incur when applying for a license/official status has been waivered for the near future.

    Earning official status grants the following: 

    • A place on the map for your business/gang (such as an office building / fortified gang area)
    • A TeamSpeak tag/icon
    • A TeamSpeak channel 
    • The option to buy extras for your business/gang (will be released in the new store)

    The new store/mayor position/businesses & gangs along with it's confirmed features and packages will be released sometime today.

    Server Release Date

    Remaining tasks include:

    • Setting up the economy to a reasonable standard (including reducing the house prices by 50% for the first month!)
    • Re-adding signature files
    • Fix/enable in-game admin tool

    We will be releasing the server this week.
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  5. #6 Ellis, Mar 26, 2017
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    Server has now been released.

    Updates will be coming daily.

    Update will be coming tomorrow night with updates to the economy, fixing other bugs/crash issues, as well as adding more content
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