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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terry Melborn, Feb 11, 2018.


Only able to skip every other night

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Can we change it so you can't skip every single night. I like night situation as not everyone buys NVG's. While in situations when It's night and I'm using NVG's then everything goes bright and it gives away my position it's very annoying. Can we make is so you can skip every other night.
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  2. I love this! Night RP is a great time and allows for new types of RP to happen.
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  3. I like the idea, I remember one time in Lakeside where I jumped into the back of a police car mid-chase and got away with a free car...
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  4. I agree with this post. We shouldn't be able to skip night. It's unrealistic and as mentioned above stops night RP. Would like to see something changed with the system. It would also allow for anyone that has purchased night vision goggles the advantage. For example: The Ducks were setup in money printing during the night so we had the tactical advantage of being hidden with the ability to see others.
  5. Faster day night cycle, 20 mins each or something
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  6. 30 mins day, 15 mins night. That way night isn't that long but there is still some night

    Add flashlights for civilians, and NVGs at illegal stores. Also add flashlights for cops, and SWAT already have NVGs.

    When I say flashlights I mean a physical object, not just the one on pistols.
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  7. Lol. Better responses than I was expecting.
  8. Following on from what Tristan suggested maybe make it so a day/night cycle vote cant happen during a major crime or during safehouse. Because i was doing SH 1 as a cop in a bush and then it turns to day and i get sniped.

    Or a timed cycle and then remove the vote.
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  9. I'd prefer the voting be removed and a set time cycle to be implemented. The time cycle should be talked about to balance day and night life pretty well. Furthermore, with the removal of the vote, it would be more realistic and will allow a lot of people to enjoy the night life.
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  10. Agreed. With your idea Danny we can't utilize is while at illegal money as it's not classed as an active situation which means it could change while we're in our situation.
  11. The only problem I see with this is the headlights of some vehicles are very weak or just not there at all.
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  12. Do you think it would be possible to talk to Redthedev about fixing the lights?
  13. Expensive
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