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  1. Just a thread I'm gonna use to bump whenever I start streaming or make a new upload. Streaming some R6S right now if anyone wants to join me...

    On top of this, I need some generic thumbnails for my streams. One for ArmA 3, one for R6S and possibly more. Contact me with an example if you can do it please.
  2. First livestream is now public. Only action really occurs at around the 50 minutes mark, with a short pursuit.

  3. Second livestream is now available to watch... I'll add significant time stamps in the description

  4. Just a short clip from yesterday's stream - I hope to start doing some more clips in the coming weeks

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  5. Lol, that was pretty funny not gonna lie.

  6. Series 2 of cop diaries has begun! The new series will consist of highlights of my streams which you can tune into most weekends.

  7. Trying my hand at some womble-esque video editing. The stroke on the text is a bit large (as seen on the letter 'v') but its all learning. Hope its enjoyable.
  8. So I've fallen behind:


  9. Wahey Day 5... 5 likes and Day 6'll come out later this week
  10. Day 6:

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