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v1.18 Released | Arma Roleplay

v1.18 Released

Discussion in 'Homepage News' started by Ellis, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Good morning!

    We're happy to announce the release of version 1.18, containing all features as explained in previous posts.

    A few things to note:
    • We're experimenting with the gang fund economy, it may change.. a lot
    • Shops for gang bases are coming in tonight's update
    • We've capped base upgrades to 200 upgrades, just in case we got our economy calculations very wrong (no gang should be able to get 200 upgrades in 1 day)
    • The new rule: 11.0.8 - You may not split up your gang into other gangs as to own more than one piece of land (upgradable gang base).
    The number of upgrades you can do per day, the number of gang funds you earn and the features you receive in your base are all experimental, and we hope to see some promising results in the next few days.

    Stats have been wiped.

    You need to update your mods to join.

    See you in-game!
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  2. The police radar isn't implemented, when will that be coming in?
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