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Website Changelog | Arma Roleplay

Website Changelog

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ellis, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Details on website changes will be posted here.
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    21st August 2017

    • Added new emoticons   :@   ;(   :D   (y)   <:3   :/   <3   ;)   :joy:   :(   :O   :)   :P   xD
    • Added new thread/post reactions  (y)  (like)   <:3  (love) :joy:  (laugh)  :/  (meh)
    • New "Bump this topic" button at the top of threads to make a topic seem new

    If you cannot see the new emoticons, press CTRL+F5.
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    14th September 2017
    • Adjusted the donation goals to suit the changes of our financial requirements.
  4. 15th February 2018

    There have been many website changes in the past few months, but this log has not been updated, from now, bigger website updates will be posted here.

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