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Wintery Land of Elaine | Arma Roleplay

Wintery Land of Elaine

Discussion in 'Homepage News' started by Ellis, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
    Hello all and Merry Christmas!

    As the snow falls and the roads become icy, we see the lively county of Elaine continue to be built up. The builders put on their fluffy hats and the Elainions prepares their welcome gifts for the once citizens of Emita. The Police Department gather their $5 secret Santa presents and the medics finish their knitted mittens, winter has come and the borders of Elaine will soon open.

    Jokes aside...we're getting very close!

    It's been a long journey and many months of waiting, but we're sure you will love our new custom & private map, along with the new ruleset, departments, and other community changes. We're still working regularly on script changes, but most of this development will continue once released, so we can eliminate bugs and keep the gameplay fresh.

    Very soon our trailer will be dropped and we'll be making a few mass announcements using E-Mail for further reach. Share the video with your friends, family, and grandad - let's gather the lovers of the old city and show them what a new Emita looks like.

    In other news...

    50% Off Christmas Sale
    As a celebration of the very near release of Elaine and everything we have accomplished in 2017 so far, we're hosting a 50% Christmas sale which will end on December 31st. All items in the store have up to 50% off their price tag, check it out here.

    Store Changes
    In addition to the Christmas sale, we've also changed what features Donators & Patrons receive, as well as what we're selling. Patrons are now treated to a new animating website name, as well as having priority application review over PD/ESU, staff, faction and AR Member applications.

    If you haven't noticed already, we have updated our current emoticon list, including :) ;) :joy: :santa: >:) and many more! You can also buy and have your own emoticons added to the website in our new store! See all the changes here:

    New Dedicated Server, Testing Sessions & Mod Pack
    Our new dedicated server has been purchased with strong DDoS protection, and since, we have moved the TeamSpeak on to this new server, hence the IP change the other day.

    We've now setup the server on the new dedicated server and a testing session is being held tonight for staff, and very soon for Subscribers, to help in identifying any obvious game-breaking bugs​

    The new mod pack is currently available to staff and will be made available to Subscribers tomorrow. Once the trailer has been released, the mod pack will be released to the public.

    Final Note
    The server's estimated release date is just after Christmas, still in 2017. We continue on planning to release the trailer 5-10 days before server release, along with the new mod pack. Up until release, we will continue in working tirelessly on our rules, departments and staff team to be at a standard ready for release. Stay tuned and we'll let you know more soon.

    Edit #1:
    Lifetime Donators can now upgrade to Patrons for the price of the difference.

    Edit #2:
    Members of the ECPD may now be a criminal lawyer, see the practitioner's guide for more info
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  2. Bout time! Cant wait haha
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  3. I was gonna spend money on my father this christmas, looks like that money is going elsewhere now! Sexy skins btw
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  4. That moment when you're going away for 3 weeks just after Christmas.... What am I do to :(
  5. haha i singned as police officer long ago still waiting for server to play hahaha must be 4-6 months gawddam :P
  6. ya'know you could just not go traveling every 3 days :alsingkappa:
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  7. Same boat as you my friend

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